Yard Sale Steal: for a mere $2.

The one upside about living in a neighborhood filled with retirees and elderly?
They have fabulous stuff
they don’t do the internets much.
They don’t know that this bad boy could have yielded an easy $100 on the ebay.
Imagine my shock when I laid my eyes on this vintage beauty from the 1950s.  
Pristine condition despite the old lady soap smell emanating from the satin interior.
“$2,” says the lady with a thick German accent.
Tears well up in my eyes, “I love you.”
She laughs.

Imagine the potential.
A stow-away office.
Perhaps, dare I say, travel in style?
Back to the city of Angels to take a breather from the 24-7 job of motherhood?
Pitter-pat goes my heart.

Move over lunchbox collection from the 80s.  I have a newfound addiction.
Vintage luggage.
Now, to look for airfare and a daydream of a meal without this:

I’m still pinching myself in awe of my $2 steal.  
I mean what on earth can you get for that cheap these days???
I just kissed her and named her Hilda after my clueless German neighbor.

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  1. What a beautiful find! Thank God for wacky old ladies in the neighborhood. I recently scored some items from a stuff-hoarding, cat-loving, patron-drinking gem who was downsizing 🙂

  2. um, words cannot express… how JEALOUS i am. I may have snatched it right out of your hands and run away. Are you KIDDING me? $2??? I wan’t a trip too without food being thrown at me… some day, right?

  3. That’s why I love thrift stores in old neighborhoods. Filled with clueless Grandmas who have no idea that they are donating a McCoy vase or a vintage typewriter. Great score!!!

  4. Stopping by from Tatertots & Jello – Great find! If you figure out how to get rid of the old lady soap smell let me know, I have a vintage jewelry box with the same problem!

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