Vintage Jeweled Clipboard Tutorial

final jeweled clipboard with to do list

Hello, everyone!  Winter is the time to declutter and tackle those to-do lists for me, not spring.  At the start of spring, the last thing I want to do is be indoors organizing. So, blogging about these projects will be coming to you all more in the next few weeks, as I’ve been doing more than writing.

I’ve learned if my systems aren’t pretty than they don’t work.  It’s the Libra in me I guess.

I’m in the midst of redoing my kitchen gallery wall, and I needed a list that I could take off and work with.  Despite my love of the iPhone, I’m old-school when it comes to needing paper and pencil to make lists.  Same goes for the planner.  Need pencil and paper.

I added sparkle to my to-do list, using broken jewels and cabochons that didn’t make the cut for my upcoming etsy shoppe.  This makes the calls to the insurance companies and doctors all the more bearable.

final jeweled clipboard with to do list

If you love this printable…you are in luck.

Printable is available for FREE from the graphic design blog Pair of Pears.

That blog has a great eye and excellent taste…


 materials circle button-002

*old clipboard

*glue gun & glue sticks

*random jewels leftovers from {bridesmaids jewerly, out of style tops, broken sandals, old buttons etc.}

Tip: Have a box labeled to save all those broken gems!

materials for jeweled clipboard

I love that Marilyn Monroe button.

I bought it from an art fair here in Chicago ten years ago, and the backing broke off.

Guess all my jewelry hoarding pays off, right?



1.) Pretty straight forward, simply hot glue all your jewels onto the silver clip of the clipboard.  E600 glue may be better depending on your gems…

2.) Try to use flat-backed gems if possible.

Other tips: most antique stores also have broken jewel boxes…which would be perfect for this craft!  Should you not have three lunchboxes full of broken necklaces from my boys’ doing when they were babies.

Hope this idea keeps you on top of your to-do lists!

jeweled clipboard with to do list

Off to tackle said to-do list,


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