Taming the Dragon: Rethinking Autism

challenge dragon the gift is yours quote

So, much in life, is our reaction to things.  How we approach the adversity, how we respond to the deaths, the diagnosis, the job losses, the financial hurdles, and the heartbreaks is one and all the same.

You can let these challenges destroy you, and at many times in my life, I have allowed them that power.

Maybe it’s been a few years deep into this “new normal”.  I look back on the earlier years when Moose first started early intervention, and all I felt was Worry and Desperation and Fear and all those other shitty things when life throws you a curveball and a quick punch to the throat.

Perhaps it’s age.  Perspective.  Seeing my son is more than a word.  A label.

He always has been, but so much of my energy was in the wrong place.

I was operating out of a place of fear, not of love.

Now, the fear is gone.

That’s what the change is about now: it’s about finding the calm, the patience, and the hope.  It’s tuning out the negative, and counting blessings. Focusing on the good in every day.  In the words of Anne Lamont, Bird by Bird.

It’s not the diet.   The supplements. The therapy.  The forms. The IEP goals.

It’s our perspective of the situation.

challenge dragon the gift is yours quote



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