on autism and epilepsy

This past February, our lives with Moose took a dramatic turn.  Being autism parents, as many can attest, has its challenges.  But, a new layer of concern, happened one ordinary Monday night.

My husband was reading bedtime stories to the boys as I put laundry away in their room.  He called for me, because Moose started to throw up during the reading.  No big deal, it was flu season, right?  Wrong.

He was unresponsive, gray, and for a few moments, we thought maybe he had shoved a toy in his mouth and started choking.  His jaw was clench shut, his eyes were glazed, and he was choking on his vomit.  After that, I don’t remember much.  I knew it was a seizure.  I remember my husband yelling.  My son unresponsive on the floor.  Fumbling.  Numb. Desperate. It was the scariest night of my life.

Within minutes, I ran barefoot in the snow to my neighbor.  She is a special ed teacher, maybe she knew CPR?  She came, frantic to help.

Paramedics arrived shortly after.  After about 5 minutes, he came back to us.  It’s all a big blur, but as we rode to the hospital in the ambulance. I knew life as we knew it was over.



As of late, I have been quiet on this blog.  It chronicles much of my history as a special needs parent.  But, just as this blog saved me in the early days of an autism diagnosis, I hope to reconnect with the families out there searching for answers and struggling all the same.  Autism grows each year, and epilepsy is just as mysterious of a condition.

Autism and epilepsy, are often, (30-40% of the time anyway) comorbid conditions.  I hope that sharing our family’s story and Moose’s journey help those in need of comfort, answers, and community.


With love and light,



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