Spring Craft: Upcycled Flower {she’s crafty}

Behold, the  paper towel roll. The poor soul often tossed in the trash or recycling bin.
After seeing the finish project…you may begin hoarding these.
Because I am now.

After seeing a few projects from

TP Roll Wall Art
and Michelle at Delicate Construction

 I was inspired to come up with my own twist for the paper towel roll craft bandwagon.
M A T E R I A L S:
D I R E C T I O N S:
1.) Cut the rolls into circles.
2.) Pinch said circles at two ends.
2.5) Then curse at yourself for cutting BEFORE painting.  Gah.
3.) Hot glue together at the center. {I used seven circles for each flower}
4.) Hot glue a gem on both sides of the center of your flower.
5.) Buy fishing line and suspend them invisibly in your home. 
6.) Pat yourself on the back for being so crafty and cheap.
*I recommend spray painting these as the brush was a huge PITA or 
painting the roll before you cut it down*
T H E   F I N I S H E D    P R O D U C T:

Well it wouldn’t be a Momnivore-worthy craft if there wasn’t bling involved, right?
Start hoarding your paper towel rolls and dreaming up your own interpretation.
When you are like 85, and have a closet full of them with 70 cats running amok, blame me.
Happy Spring, ya’ll!
fwf spring label
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