me anytime at
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Interested in advertising here at the wildest blog on the block?

Swell, you should ask.

We are growing rapidly here at MD, so email me @ momnivoresdilemma {at} gmail {dot} com for rates and info.

I’m interested in etsy shoppes, kid-friendly, eco companies, green companies, gluten-free, and health-related advertisers.  If your product contains GMOs, corn syrup, crap, or garbage, I will chase you away with a big stick.

Contact me to see if I think your product/company would be a good fit for my readers.  They are a crafty discerning and awesome breed of mostly women in the age range of 20-50.

I don’t really do giveaways often, but I would if the product was a fabulous fit.

I majored in advertising, so don’t try and pull a fast one on me.  I studied hard on the history of snake oil.  Graduated top of my class…

Did I mention I am snarky, but loveable?