smile file #2

here are some of the blogs-tidbits-things-books-etc.
that I’ve fallen for this week:

from the style/fashion section:

as a stay-at-home mom, it’s far too easy to schlep about
in yoga pants and sneakers.
this next blog has inspired me to dress up again.
if only, for my own amusement.
lisa’s style is both playful, practical, and real.
and i’m lucky to have her as as “off the blog” friend as well…
and for more casual…


lisa’s blog was the first fashion blog i ever read…

and it’s inspired me to dress for fun.
{and read many more fashion blogs}
and yes, sometimes even trade my flats for stilettos…

from the enough already, I’ll break down and read it because it-was-recommended-to-me-by-3-different-people-today-alone:

proof, that word of mouth, is the best advertising.
{why does this remind me of when everyone was reading Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret? in 4th grade?}

from the department of spoiling oneself:

i usually can’t even afford to breathe the air at this store, but she was too pretty not to take home.
from anthropologie.  $30.  
Strung Symmetry Pullover
have a great week, and thanks for reading

do tell…have you read the hush-hush book mentioned above???

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  1. Oh my gosh, I so need to get out of wearing pjs and sweats around the house, I put a skirt and top on the other day and kids asked why I had dressed up as a fairy!

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