She’s Crafty: The 25 cent Holiday Card Holder

The holiday cards are coming!  The holiday cards are coming!  And until midnight, last night, I had no where to display them.

On top of all the new arrivals, I am a nostalgic sucker who saves all photo cards.  

Then, I pushed the nostalgia aside, and edited our collection only to keep photocards of family and very close friends.

At the tender age of 31, I am becoming a minimalist.

So, here’s the final holiday card display gracing a portion of a wall in our dining room/living room combo.

Isn’t she pretty?

I took inspiration from the cherry tree blossom branches I see everywhere in decor, and my fervent love for my silver crocodile wrapping paper scored at the Maxx for a mere $2.99.

I figured I used roughly a quarter’s worth of paper, hence how I came to the catchy title of this post.

So here’s how I did it.

1.) I estimated how much paper I would need by rolling out the paper on the floor nera the area of the wall I wanted to use.

2.)  Then, I sketched out my rough of my branch.

3.)  With a few snips of my scissors and some tape, voila!

4.) Then, I “hung” a few ornaments I had leftover from other vignettes.

5.) Finally, I combined those photocards from families who made our edit.  I simply stapled them together, but once I find my hole punch in my disaster of a dining room/craft space, I plan to hole punch and tie them with ribbon.

(I faked it with tape so you could see how I want it to look)

What I especially like, is that if we receive a boatload of cards, I can always grow the tree a bit with the leftover scraps of silver croc paper.

I swear the best ideas come to me when the rest of the world sleeps…

Happy Holidays!

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