ryan gosling memes for autism {4/27}

it’s that time of the week, when all special needs parents of the internet unite for a much needed laugh over at sunday’s blog adventures in extreme parenthood:

for me, it’s been that kind of week.  just long.  exhausting.  kids on the sidewalk refusing to walk. weird poop is back again. sleep schedules have been off.

and the cherry on top?  i started the dreaded appeal to the insurance letter {but still haven’t finished, because that requires me to clean out all the medical files.}  gah.

so, dreams of a man taking therapy into his own musically-inclined hands inspired this meme:

after i threw up in my mouth when i saw the salaries at a major autism charity, and then glanced at my growing stack of autism-related expenses…this seemed appropriate:

in case there are any wealthy people reading this: consider giving me a nest egg for a real charity that will give actual funds to families affected by autism.  i anted up the $10 and bought the dot org.  my mad design skills brought this eerie blog header…

and finally:
okay. off to have a very well-deserved glass of wine.
or two.

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  1. Ryan just seems to make everything seem better!! I was talking to my hubby who is a Creative Producer, and telling him about wepickupthepieces.org, and although it is not much, he has offered to create the header for your website if you would like. Let me know if that is part of the creative you are looking for.

  2. This is great! I wish I knew someone wealthy, but first I would ask them to fund my LEGO social skills group. Of course, we don’t need too much money, so I’d be willing to share. I think your idea is great!

  3. You know what I thought of when I first saw the header? Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I suddenly had an urge to make a sculpture of Devil’s Tower out of mashed potatoes. But seriously…that charity is a great idea. Prices are exorbitant and not covered by insurance easily if at all.

  4. Don’t get me started on charities and non-profits and misuse of funds. When my husband’s mother passed away I told everyone to give to hospice (they are the most amazing group) and not the American Cancer Society. I worked with them on behalf of a client. The client gave them $1 million and we couldn’t even say that it would be used for research …

    … but that’s how they wanted the money used. Pretty sucky.


  5. Weird poop here too! And refusing to sleep. What the heck is in the air?!

    Some non-profits are seriously sketch. My mom is currently teaching in a non-profit school for special needs kids that is allllll kinds of mishandled money. It’s disgusting, if only the people who truly want to get into these lines of work to help others could get the funding.

  6. I happened on your site through a random series of links. I don’t have a special needs child, but I work at a treatment center for children with severe emotional disturbance. Most of our students have a history of severe trauma or FASD, but the behaviors can be similar. I wandered back through the link parties and the Ryan pictures related to IEP meetings, pica, poop, and sleep crack me up. I will be passing this along to my colleagues…if we can’t laugh we’d cry, right?

  7. Hopefully the first meme doesn’t turn people away from seeking out music therapy services. Many of us board-certified music therapists work hard to help our clients’ families be able to afford our services.
    Many years of schooling/being board certified is what causes us to charge what we do for our services. But I promise, an investment in music therapy is an investment in your child’s future! 🙂
    Remember…where words fail, music speaks!

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