real-life wardrobe for the SAHM: spring trends 2012


Do you wear the SAHM  “uniform”?  Yoga pants.  Tee.  Whatever shoes are by the door.

My husband said the other day, “If I were you, I’d never get out of my pajamas.”

Five years ago, yes. I wore my husband’s sweatshirts covered in baby Moose puke.
Now what’s my excuse?

That just makes me unproductive and blah.

Lately, I’ve been making more of a concerted effort to feel “put together”.

I don’t have much to spend in the way of clothes, because all of our extra cash goes into supplements and therapy for the Moose.

So I stick with the budget stores: Forever 21, Old Navy, Target, Marshall’s, etc.  I can’t spend more than $40 on an article of clothing without getting a cheap attack these days.


Here’s a few real-life {not runway ridiculous trends} that I will be wearing around Chicago this spring:

Colored Skinny Jeans.  Yup.  I will be rocking them.

{forever 21} $15.50

At risk of not looking like Rainbow Brite, I won’t be “color blocking” like all the magazines proclaim, rather pairing them with more muted tops and flats.

I’m 32, not 22.
It’s fun to bust out color here in Chicago, after months of life indoors.

In addition to the loud colored jeans trend,I will also be ditching my gothic ways of all black
and moving into the light with pops of color:

Blue Jay Dress

francesca’s $48
{for a May wedding}


forever 21. $12.80
{for days at the park with the boys}
Lace.  Always classic.  Fun for nights out with friends.  Dinner with the husband.  I love that this “trend” is back again.  For me, it’s a staple…
Dress Me Up Lace Top
{francesca’s collections} $34
Animal Print

Not a season goes by in my life without it.
Probably because I’ve adored Betsey Johnson’s work since I was a teen.
It wouldn’t be my wardrobe without some animal print…
Womens Mossimo Supply Co. Odell Ballet Flats - Cheetah
{target $12.99}
On the Prowl Cardi
 {francesca’s $44}

Stripes.  I never liked them.  Now,  I do.  Never say never.

forever 21 {$10.80}
Trends I wouldn’t be caught dead in:
I’ve had 2 kids.  I’m 32.
I may be a 100 lb weakling in a size 0, but no way.
Even though gluten-free has my stomach back to what it was when I was in university.
I will leave that one to the college girls.
also not really feeling the tribal print thing.
Bright Tribal Chiffon Crop Peasant
a gaci
maybe it just reminds me of cross colors or something.
circa 1992.

Hope you’ve enjoyed window shopping here at momnivore’s dilemma.

{post was not sponsored by any of these stores.  this really is where I shop}

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What trends are you partaking in?
What would you not be caught dead in this spring?

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  1. After work, I rock the flannel PJ’s and t-shirt style. (Yeah, we’ve been married 1.5 years and I’m wearing flannel. So sad.)

    I practically never go out – which I realize is my own fault and I really should call girls up to hang.

    My wardrobe is about 90% lands end. Almost the same sweaters in almost every color they make. it’s easy to get dressed that way.

    And, if I’m seeing someone who doesn’t see me everyday, it prolly looks nice. But, my co-workers probably take bets on which color sweater I’ll be wearing each day. LOL

    I really should spend more time at Coldwater Creek. Note to self. 😉

    ~ Dana

  2. I love that dress! I am wardrobe challenged, to say the least…..since I gained weight a few years back I have no clue what to wear. I’m determined to find some flattering, colourful pieces for this spring and get out of the yoga-pants rut.

  3. You are awesome. Love this post! First, because I live in the western suburbs and am so tired of being indoors! (though I guess I shouldn’t complain after this mild winter) Second, because I’ve definitely rocked my husband’s sweatshirts more often than I should have. Oh, and I’ve gone out more than once in my slippers (oops). Third, because I NEED to be put together! And I’m making an effort… though I still have way too many t-shirts than is good for me. 🙂 Thanks for the great post! 🙂

  4. Yay to color!(says the girl in the black skinny jeans + black cami, but brightly colored cardigan) Love that dress! I may have to snag one for myself for an upcoming wedding. I’ve never heard of Francescas before. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’m with you on the pops of color, animal prints (I have some flats that I lurve) and the stripes. My newest addition is three months old so I’m almost fitting into my normal clothes, I’m giving myself another month before I just suck it up and buy spring clothes in my current size.

  6. All the spring clothes that are out now make me so happy! (Love Francesca’s too, BTW) I’m so excited for all the bright colors! It’s actually been so nice to wear flats for a lot of the winter since we’ve been snow-less. Watch out later today though!

  7. I love all your choices. I am loving the stripes too this year and have gotten started on some early spring shopping by shopping some of the sales and now my closet looks like one big stripe. I guess I should lay off the stripes a bit for now. I may try the colored skinny jeans. So daring!

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