Re-Vinylized: A New Documentary {and my own nostalgia}

Nearly 20 years ago, at the age of 15, I was offered my first job as a clerk in a record store.

Universal Music Group paid my college tuition as a part of a scholarship program. {Yet, even in my early 30s, I still have tons of school debt!}  From that scholarship, I worked the powers-that-be into my first internship and first job as a college marketing representative.  My last two years of college were spent promoting new bands in record stores and college radio stations.

Yes, it was everything you probably thought it to be and more.  Lots of fun.  Free tickets.  Tons of free music.

At 22, after 9/11, after I had an epiphany that I need to Do More, I left the industry to become the all-American teacher in Chicago schools.  Napster hit, and I watched the music business collapse.  Many of my colleagues lost their jobs.  Well into my second year of teaching, the Universal office here in Chicago shuttered its doors.

This short documentary Re-Vinylized by Chicago filmmaker John Boston showed up on my facebook feed this afternoon.

It brought back memories of many of the stores I frequented on the other side of the business, as a part of the “major” labels.

So much has changed in the past twenty years, but the love of the tangible product, in a world of digital and virtual spaces, still holds its place.  Just like I have a Kindle and thousands of real books, there’s a difference in ownership.

This documentary made me rethink of how I consume music these days.  How markedly different it is from my 80s childhood of records, to 90s of cassettes and cds, to now where most of my collection is digital.

Enjoy this short documentary.  It’s only a half hour.


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