Quitting coffee: Why Mama doesn’t need coffee anymore

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I’ve given up gluten. Soda. Cigarettes.  More than one drink while going out.   At one point, I stopped eating all dairy, eggs, soy, corn, and other allergenic foods.  But one mainstay, gave me hope.  The one consistent love I developed while waiting tables at a pie shoppe back in high school:


I grew up in a house where my father drank it not by the cup, but by the pot.  At age 16, I detested my parents’ grocery store on-sale brands, and developed coffee snobbery, high-tailing it to the yuppie coffee shops in my great city.

Just a few weeks back, I took a long look at my relationship with coffee and decided it was time for a divorce.

I have low-functioning adrenals…and coffee stresses the adrenals.

My liver is sluggish…and coffee stresses the liver.

Doctors have told me I malabsorb nutrients: low magnesium, low vitamin D, low ferritin, low blood pressure, low energy…so coffee was my drug of choice to counteract my lows.

Yet, many of my natural doctors never suggested to tell coffee to beat it.  But my homeopath, Lora Roberts, did mention it to me, as coffee impedes the progress of homeopathy.

Despite all my trials to improve my health over the past three years, I knew coffee was holding me back from feeling 100% better.  I couldn’t get through a morning without it.  The smell.  The ritual.  The jolt of energy.

If I was strong enough to give up gluten for good, after being raised on incredible Italian food, then I could quit the last vice I had.

Every afternoon, like clock-work, I’ve wanted to climb into bed and pass out.  I truly believe that my homeopathic detoxes gave me the strength to finally break-up with coffee.

Now, three weeks later after quitting coffee,  I feel different.  The mornings are less painful.  The afternoons are without their slump.  My daily cup of Joe is a memory past.  My moodiness is gone.  My thinking is far more level-headed.

Sure, the smell of coffee still gets me, like old songs on the radio.

Memories of writing stories in college hopped up on my drug of choice, cozy in little coffee houses typing away.  That I will miss.

But what I will gain in the next year, is better health.  After researching this widely over the past few months, I will share some dirty secrets about coffee maybe to motivate you to do the same.

My new stainless coffee pot still sullen and quiet on my counter, waiting for guests to arrive.

The hardest part is the ritual.  The social habit.  The connection.

Creating a new ritual will be important to not relapse into old habits.  I need something warm in the morning, because I typically run so cold.  Even warm water with lemon is working.  Ginger tea.

I still can’t believe I did it.

The divorce is final.

Stay tuned for more on coffee: my side effects from quitting and coffee’s dirty little secrets. Quitting this was one of the top 5 hardest things I’ve had to do in my life.


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  1. Bravo to you! You have a ton of will power girl… I don’t know how you did it, but I SO admire you. I quit coffee for a week earlier this fall, then the days got cold and I just couldn’t do it! I limit myself to just one cup a day and I always make it at home, never the drive thru.

  2. So happy for you and proud if you momma!
    I only lasted about 2 weeks. The headaches the first week were horrod. You’ve inspired me to take a wack at it again. TJ’s carries the Yogi ginger tea that’s delish!!
    A resolution….hmmm… 🙂
    Miss you!!

  3. I went off coffee and diet coke cold turkey about 5 months ago. It was pure hell for 3 days due to the migraines but I’ve never felt better and actually wake up more awake then ever before. I do occasionally have a decaf coffee cause I do love the taste 🙁

    Good job!

  4. GIRL, I have broken up with coffee so many times but we always get back together. I applaud your divorce. I manage to stay away during the summer months but I always come back when it gets cold. I can’t wait to read your future posts about it, I need to motivation to stay away.

    1. Hey you-

      I had a divorce party. It was epic. It invovled me and the 3 year old dancing til we cried…

      I will write more about my ex-husband coffee in the future months…Pinky swear…


      p.s. Are you coming in for BlogHer?

  5. I too gave up caffeine years ago for health reasons. After the two week withdraw, I never felt better…don’t miss it at all and love the way I feel now. I see my hubby dragging until he gets his hit of coffee in the mornings. I just smile knowing I am so much better off than he is…poor guy. Some day he will get it and cut the caffeine too.

    1. This made me laugh, as I recently just hooked the King on coffee. He is 36, and never drank it until I pushed the dope on him.

      The withdrawl was the worst I’ve ever felt in my life…even worse than C-section recovery.


  6. I too have quit for about 6mos., i still make it for my husband and when it got cold and Holidays came i caved. I too crave something warm and feel cold (maybe cuz it was -13 where i live today) ,but i also want something creamy. Its hard i am also gluten free going on 3yrs. I also have burned out adrenals , problems with my liver and detoxolifing and Hasimotos,auto-immune issues. Going to pull it back together and kick it again! Thanks for the timely reminder.

    1. I’m 3 years gf as well! We have many of the same health issues, but my thyroid checked back okay. Hope this motivates you to quit it again…coffee is so bad for those of us recovering from adrenal issues…

      My best to you Lori,

    1. oOh. Jo-Anna. Do tell. Why did you quit?

      I miss the ritual too, but I wouldn’t change this for the world now. I can’t remember my energy levels being this great. Ever.

      I had a dance party in our kitchen the other day…that kind of energy. 🙂

      My best,

      1. Hi!
        Honestly, coffee was my vice. My thing. The love of my life. But it makes me crazy. Heart palpitations out of the ying yang. Jittery, anxious and so moody. Late day crash. I just KNOW it’s the caffeine. So I’ve let it go… so sad. It was tough for about 2 days after I quit – I was so tired and had a terrible headache. But now that’s done, and I think I can do it! I feel way less anxious…and a lot less foggy!

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