We live on Sesame Street.

No tv for kids under 2? Seriously?
Do these doctors have small children at home? Well, they probably do, but they are with the nannies all day. I’d bet my morning coffee their nannies use a lil PBS for sanity here and there.
Back when Moose was a mere 18 months old, and we had a family wedding in Vegas…I brought him along. With a DVD player and two Elmo videos. Said DVD player busted on the return flight. Flight was delayed four hours. Moose screamed for hours.
Curse, you AAP.
If I need to take a shower, the furry red monster is my built-in babysitter. Moose, my 2 year old, doesn’t budge if Elmo graces the screen. If my Moose runs laps in his room instead of napping, and Mommy is about to open up a bottle of vino at 2pm, I turn to my new best friend, Elmo. Elmo, you are my hero.
So, American Academy of Pediatrics, you can suck it. I am not a crappy mother because I let my child visit Sesame Street daily. I am a mother with some sanity, and a showered body, most days.

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Insert foot in mouth-the birth of…this blog

Moose, my 2.5 year old doesn’t talk. A few words: go, cake, hike. I haven’t heard him say mama in over a year.

He qualified for EI (early intervention) therapy when he was two years old. He has two OTs, a DT, and a ST. They say he has “sensory” issues. He bangs on windows all day. Throws toys. Obsesses with books. Mostly interestingly, he taught himself all his letters and sounds via his favorite toy, the leap frog letter biscuit pad.

One area that the EI team didn’t address was diet. So they sent a nutrionist. She assessed him in weight and height. She measured his head. She told me to feed him roughly 1200 calories a day. I mentioned my interested in GFCF diet because of his sensory needs. She brushed me off saying there wasn’t any scientific studies and she didn’t know much about it. Then, she went on her merry way.

All the nutrionists in my area are booked solid. First available appointment is September. Right. Like I will wait that long.

I was a teacher. I have a master’s. I don’t need your damn waiting list.

Here in lies the birth of this blog.

When your child has “developmental delays”…you will do ANYTHING to get them up to speed. Excuse me while I slap myself silly because I didn’t realize my child was allergic to MILK.

If I couldn’t drink it when I was nursing, why, oh, why did I put him on it when he weaned?

Then, I became angry at the medical establishment. Shouldn’t we allergy test all kids before starting them on dairy?
We are so busy taking our kids in for countless shots…that we have lost sight of the importance of food.

I bought organic yogurt and organic Elmo crackers. I thought I was doing the right thing. Little did I know I was essentially poisoning him.

Moose, we will fix this. Hopefully, other families can learn from our mistakes and choices.

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