crows, robins, and a metaphor on Mother’s Day

mother's day and autism

A few weeks back, a plump little robin set-up shop to raise her brood on my back fence. She and I have had a few run-ins the past few weeks, mainly when I'm taking out the recycling or garbage. As I carefully opened the gate, she'd fly just a few feet away from her nest, keeping a close eye on me. I would reassure her, I'm just taking out the … [Read more...]

the Metamorphosis

another school year nears its end the tell-tale signs of spring appear and i realize the mother i once was the near-sighted dreamer the teacher is no longer i am stronger than i ever thought possible autism may have chewed me up and spit me out in those early years but never again, will i go against my gut instincts for the … [Read more...]

Why I am homeschooling…

John Taylor Gatto quotes

After a long and difficult process of sleepless nights and agonizing, after long talks with my husband, we've decided to jump the public school ship for our youngest son next year. Monkey will turn 5 just a few weeks before the school year starts.  Many parents opt for "red-shirting" (which is holding a child back a year).  My husband is in … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Recovered Junk Foodie

confessions of a recovered junk foodie

I often joke that I was raised on four food groups: gluten, dairy, sugar, and antibiotics. Antibiotics should actually be second in that list, because I was SICK all the time. I want to give a bit of my history here, because given a few new projects I am embarking on, I need to come clean. For the first 30 years of my life, I ate absolute … [Read more...]

the mother I want my children to remember…

When Moose was shy of seven month old, after losing my dad and grandmother, both quickly and painfully, in the six months after his birth- I felt down and lost and shitty.  All of those things that are painfully raw and human and normal when you become a mother, but coupled with that was this pile of grief that I wasn't dealing with from losing … [Read more...]

Dandelion Green Smoothie Recipe (and wisdom from an ancestor)

dandelion smoothie recipe

So, the other day, while crying over the dead and rather gray looking produce that Chicago winters bring, I headed to the greens section at Whole Paycheck to get kale. It was horrid looking.  Next to it, was a few bunches of dandelion greens, which looked perky and happy. And then it hit me. Yes. Dandelions!  We will make dandelion smoothies. … [Read more...]

New Food Allergies: Corn and Tomato Leave the Estate

kids and food allergies- corn, gluten, tomatoe, and pineapple

Just when you think you have this whole diet thing under control for your kids-they develop new food allergies!  Monkey can no longer tolerate corn.  Of course, we buy "good corn" (I'm sure my paleo readers will battle with this one)-organic and non-GMO.  I will not get into detail of the hell we have been through the past two weeks, but it's … [Read more...]

Gluten-Free Granola Bar Bites Recipe

gluten-free granola bar bites recipes from

So, the other day at the grocery, I spied a box of, gasp, gluten-free granola bars.  Seriously, I remember 4 years ago, going to grocery stores and crying because I couldn't buy the easy things of motherhood like goldfish and cherrios, but now GF goodies abound.  Albeit, still with many strange ingredients, but at least there's options … [Read more...]

Disney’s Frozen, Autism, and Letting it Go…

let it go-disney's frozen, autism, and acceptance

Last week, after I picked Monkey up from preschool, I took him on a date to see Disney's Frozen. Even packed a lunch to eat in the minivan. In ten degree weather. In Chicago, we get desperate this time of year, so it's my version of a polar vortex picnic. I think I cried nearly the entire movie. Well about, 75% of it. See, I haven't cried … [Read more...]

How to Save Big at Target (with $1,000 Giveaway!)

how to save money at target

I've declared 2014 the year that I will pay off all my debt.  So, I'm on the hunt to save as much money as possible on the essentials.  A few months ago, my cousin recommended the beta version of Target's new Cartwheel app.  This app is my secret weapon to making the most of my money at Target. Basically, the Cartwheel app is downloadable … [Read more...]