Outfit: Well, hello fall: {grey & mustard}

hello fall necklace momnivore's dilemma

Summer won’t give up. The sun is shining.  The grass is still alive, but me?  I’ve packed up all my summer clothes.  I’m over it.

I’m ready for 50 degree days.  Thick sweaters.  Boots. Scarves.  Hot Cider.

If there’s one thing I adore about my beloved Chicago, it’s autumn.

Our morning started out in the 50s/60s, those mornings where you just want five more minutes snuggled under your warm covers. So boots were required for preK drop-off.  One mom at my son’s school remarked to me, “You’re always so dressed up.”

To which, I replied, “The 50s housewives were on to something.”

“I don’t have time with the kids.”

“I have two kids, run two websites, and make the time.  I used to run around in yoga pants and hoodies.  I just gave all my hoodies to charity.  Yoga pants are for PMSing and, well, yoga.”

Feast your eyes, on my Blowfish beauties.  Comfortable, but chic.

You will faint when I tell you how cheap I scored these for last year.

$20.  Yup.  You can’t even resole boots for that price!

And this necklace…

Thrifted.  $1.99.

It did have some old lady powdery smell.

I soaked the wood beads in orange blossom water to rid of the powdery funk, and now I channel myself back to my California trip in 2009 when I visited my best friend while pregnant with Sir Monkey.  Ah, Orange Blossoms.  The most heavenly scent on the planet.

I adore this skirt.  It was worn early and often the whole summer.

Nothing that a mustard top from Forever 21 can’t bridge into early fall dressed up with an crazy inexpensive belt from Forever.

Forever 21, please consider a Forever 39 as well.  I’m only going to be 33, but still, that place, if you dig deep enough has something for every age group.

Boho on a budget.  Yes, please.

Everything was from last year, save for the necklace and the summer skirt that I scored for $19 while Marshalling {my verb for hitting up all the TJs, Marshalls, Lohemann’s, and Nordstrom’s Racks in my Chicagoland area}.


Top: here only $7.80 ::: Skirt: similar here {under $30} :::
Boots: The ACTUAL boot! {lucky you} ::: Belt: here

Now, go dream of something cute to wear for tomorrow,

Sharing @ The Pleated Poppy’s What I Wore Wednesday

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  1. I adore your outfit, and those boots are fabulous! I am a boot girl myself. Some days when I am waiting for the bus with all my neighbors, I feel terribly over-dressed, even if I am just wearing jeans. I try to get dressed (almost) every day too. Just to be dressed. I feel better about myself and it’s nice not to look like a slob (on most days). That’s it.

    So I applaud you for your early morning efforts and your cute outfit. 😉

    Thanks for the comment on The Domestic Fringe…glad I found your blog through it.

  2. i love your blog and love that you dress up even when others don’t expect you do..i used to live in france and women would put on lipstick & pearls to run down to the grocery store for one item! it’s the best. i’m your newest follower! come follow along at chaseandem.blogspot.com XO

  3. Stopping by from WIWW. I am so jealous of your boots. And then reading that you scored them for $20?!?! Now I’m just pissed off jealous. Love the whole outfit!


  4. I love this outfit-and the colors! I am so over Summer, but it’s still in the 80s here in NC-aaahhhh. Seriously, I can’t take it anymore. I know how you feel about Forever 21. They DO have something for every age, but I often don’t feel like digging. One time a friend of mine went there and the girl working there pointed her to the “more mature” section-haha. So, apparently they have some sort of mysterious organization to their store.

    I am finding the 30s to be a weird in-between place with fashion. The “more mature” stores are too middle agish for me and then what’s left is often too young. I used to LOVE Charlotte Russe-up until about a year or two ago- and now I can’t stomach the neon colors and dresses that appear to have been stolen off a hooker.

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