Organizing Outdoor Play

Here at the estate,  our backyard is a certified Chicago Park District playlot.

I kid.  
We do have enough plastic structures to entertain a group of 20.  
We also have a lot of plastic crap that ends up scattered over the lawn.  Just as my toys are organized in the interior of the home, why not the outside?
My neighbors to the north put up a giant privacy fence last summer, so it became prime real estate for my outdoor organizing daydreams.
Our two most randomly littered outdoor toys are bubbles and chalk.  
Behold, a place for everything, and everything in it’s place.
With simple black baskets from the Tar-jay dollar section and handpainted black & white acrylic faux chalkboard signs, my little guys and their buddies can easily find their chalk and bubbles.

This is just a sneak peek.  Stay tuned for the rest of the playlot here at the estate.  I will finish up my grand vision, weather permitting.
Hot fun in the summertime.

{Yum. Hemp Milk Ice Cream bars}

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  1. I’m going to do something similar now with Target metal bins with handles I also got in the dollar spot (but they were 2.50).

    I’ve gotta comment on my pet peeve though, your neighbor broke the etiquette rule of fencing… the “pretty side” should face you, not them.

    Ah well, it gave you a place to hang your bins so it all works out.

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