New Food Allergies: Corn and Tomato Leave the Estate

kids and food allergies- corn, gluten, tomatoe, and pineapple

Just when you think you have this whole diet thing under control for your kids-they develop new food allergies!  Monkey can no longer tolerate corn.  Of course, we buy “good corn” (I’m sure my paleo readers will battle with this one)-organic and non-GMO.  I will not get into detail of the hell we have been through the past two weeks, but it’s been ugly and uncomfortable and straight up AWFUL.  At least, Monkey understands corn=hell for him. It’s awesome that he also can read labels.  C-O-R-N…no thanks, Mom! Corn is worse than gluten, people.

Yes, it’s a commodity crop and it’s evil I get that.  But I’ve been trying NOT to be as uptight about food, that was until the terrible-horrible-situation happened a few weeks back with Monkey.

See I was raised on Tang and Wonderbread, and now I’m a health nut.  I have cousins who were raised as health nuts and now feed their kids drive-thru food.  Go figure, right?

kids and food allergies- corn, gluten, tomatoe, and pineapple

The CORN s in EVERYTHING, especially the GF stuff.

Now, the tomatoes.  Taking wheat out of this Italian mama’s diet is one thing, but tomatoes…holy high hell.  Seriously.  I die.  I’ve been reacting to it also.  More of a histamine reaction on my end: just hives and an itchy face.  But tomatoes, is Sir Moose.

I keep a food journal, and odd enough, Moose started reacting to tomato right as winter was ending last year as well.  There must be a connection.  I have an appointment pending with our internist this month.  And come to think of it, he also did in the Spring when he was 2.  Weird, right?

Poor Moose.  He loves his GF pasta and meatballs (adapted from my great-grandmother’s recipe from Sicily) and his ketchup- but no longer.  Within minutes of consuming an acid-high food: pineapple, orange, tomatoes…Moose’s face turned into a red blotchy mess.

Moose usually has incredible milk skin, but eczema now covers his little body.  Just freakin’ awful.

My pediatrician’s response: put some pharma creme on it.  My homeopath is on the case, and I’m off to get some allergy testing from our internist. My response?  Look at diet first.

I’ve learned a few things over the years.  Don’t put all your faith in one place.

Tomatoes have been in heavy rotation here, so as in all things food: it’s back to the drawing board for us.

Stay tuned for new recipes and such.

So, here’s to life more unprocessed than it already was.

If you need me, I’ll be in my kitchen dreaming up new ideas that are now GF, corn and tomato-free.

Damn it.  Let’s hope that this is just a change of season thing, and not permanent!


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  1. We are doing the whole nightshade free thing as well since my 5yo had a choking/throw up burping reaction to tomatoes. I googled a recipe for no mato sauce and found a couple that worked. I like the one that roasts the veggies first and I added more chicken broth to thin it out and more Italian spices than they had

  2. I am gluten, intollerant and allergic to shellfish, as in I carry an epipen everywhere I go. I have noticed problems with corn as well. I have found gluten free pasta made from quinoa with no corn. I use an avocado dressing with it and my 4 year old eats it as well as my 35 year old husband. They do not have allergies but understand how challenging cooking multiple meals can be and eat what I eat. There is a link on my blog to my Pinterest boards where I have a lot of recipes. You can do this and it will be ok!

    1. Hi Melissa-

      We’ve already adjusted to the changes. Like you, my family is gluten-free (save for my husband). These recent changes made me realize I need to rotate food more. That avocado dressing sounds great…what do you use in it?


  3. Here are 2 different recipes we have used. Hudson loves both. Just make sure to use gf chicken broth in the first one.

    Hey, check out this pin on Pinterest: Raw Vegan Ranch Dressing – 2 Avocados 5 teaspoons Raw Apple Cider (or White Vinegar) 1 teaspoon Fresh Dill (roughly chopped) 1 tablespoon Fresh Parsley (roughly chopped) ¼ teaspoon Garlic Powder 1 tablespoon Fresh Chives (or green onion) Salt and Pepper (to taste)

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