My Hot Mess of a Closet & Closet Envy

Here in Chicago, closet space for most of us city dwellers is at a premium.  When we purchased our home back in 2004, I was smitten that there were TWO closets in our master bedroom.

I shared my “walk-in” with The King, until a few years back when he moved out into the lesser of the two closets.

He bequeathed the rest of the walk-in on my first Mother’s Day. {We give strange gifts around here}. My rationale still stands: A blue collar man doesn’t NEED a walk-in.  He wears jeans and tees to work.  The man owns over 200 teeshirts.  No joke.  He wears overalls and boots everyday.

Late in 2010, I entered a mom cave contest to makeover my closet.  In the process I donated 70% of my wardrobe to charity.

I. Haven’t. Replaced. It.  So the decluttering of clothes and shoes is done.  The photos are another blog entry.

But, the peeling paint, outdated shelving system, and the lack of storage is irking me.  Especially, when I am married to Mr. Fix-it himself.  Yet, I don’t have the cash to blow on a new system.  So make do with what you got.

Here’s the nasty before pics:

I am letting you see all my skeletons, dear readers. {Here are some of the thousands of photos I own pre-digital revolution}

And my hot messes.

And my surprising amount of lonely hangers.

My sad state of what was once an AMAZING shoe collection.  Second pregnancy = a size 6.5/ 7 shoe!

So I searched the blogosphere for inspiration.  Closet envy, if you will.

Time and time again, I return to Megan’s closet at Honey We’re Home.


The dimensions of her closet are like most bedrooms here in Chicago!

A girl can daydream…

Also, Kate over at Centsational Girl just redid hers. That was the kick in the pants for me.

cg closet shelves after

First order or business: paint color.  Stay tuned for the slow and steady progress of my boudoir.

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