Mom Cave is the new Man Cave.

This disaster was once my art studio.
Now, it houses my two sons in our frat house, lovely home.
I’ve been feeling a bit
 without a space of my own.
Operation Mom Cave is under way.

Ah, sixteen square feet without tripping over toys or hearing the blare of yet another NFL game.

Too make room,  I donated 80% of my wardrobe to charity. I’ve read you really only wear 20% of what you own anyway.

Imagine a small secretary’s desk by that window with the closet deconstructed.
Why was I holding on to heels that didn’t fit and a red skirt from 2001?

 Eight garbage bags gone.  Over 30 pairs of shoes.  Some lucky thrifter in a size 6 shoe will have a field day. Then, I read about the Mom Cave Contest  sponsored by Home Goods at Centsational Girl and felt:

I hope to transform half of my teeny walk-in closet to a mini-studio/office with a some much needed storage, shelving, decor, and fabric.

In this potentially amazing space, I will take off the mom and wife hats, and focus on my mural business and writing.  I need this dearly because most of my days are spent cleaning hats of this nature.


  1. Very clever! Good luck!!!

    {Love your blog name!}

  2. OMG!!!!! That last picture looks like the ghost of Christmas future in my house! He’s really cute- even with cereal all over his head. I’m sure he’s gonna love that picture when he’s older!

  3. Richella says:

    What a great idea! And you’re well on your way–I’d say that getting rid of 80% of your clothes was probably the hardest thing to do, so the rest should be FUN!

    Stopping by from Kate’s party. :)

  4. Kim says:

    How cute, I enjoy your sense of humor. Good for you for cleaning out your closet.

  5. Skooks says:

    LOL. I love it! Cheers to you for being able to get rid of so much stuff. With all that gone your Mom Cave is well within reach. :)

  6. Skooks says:

    LOL, I was so amused reading your post I forgot why else I popped over here. The ET lunch box is an oldie I found on eBay a LOOONG time ago. I had this idea I was going to start collecting vintage lunchboxes, but as it turns out they’re pretty expensive and I never got past 1. What a collection, eh? ;)

  7. Roberta says:

    Wow…great job on cleaning out your closet…you go girl ;) I know what you mean when you say that you have been hangin onto stuff since 2001…what is up with that…cause we all do it. We think we’ll someday fit into it or spent too much on it and feel guilty getting rid of it…the emotional attachments go on and on. When we downsized I got rid of three closets the size of what i have now and what a big relief. However, I still need to work on my shoes…I have issues…lol Best of luck! Fondly, Roberta

  8. dogsmom says:

    I bet you feel freer and lighter now. It is something I have been trying to work at.
    Thanks for inspiration.

  9. Kirsty says:

    Good Luck! :D

  10. I hope you get your office of your dreams. I saw a lot of contestants with beautiful, functional, spaces. Good luck!

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