Innocent Pumpkin vs. Evil Squirrel: How To Stop Squirrels from Eating your Pumpkins

squirrel proof your pumpkins, stop squirrels from eating your pumpkins

I picked up some cheap outdoor pumpkins while I was at the grocery last week, and I really wanted to display them outside.  Problem being, I live in a neighborhood of Chicago loaded with trees, which equals my archnemsis: the evil squirrel.

Squirrels destroy almost every plant I’ve attempted to place in pots near my front porch. Namely, I’m still very bitter at these “rats with fluffly tails” for descimating my beloved gerbera daisies.

But, I’ve outfoxed them this time:

It’s been three days, and the trick a random stranger mentioned to me while I purchased these bad boys worked: cheap Aquanet hairspray.


You know, the stuff we used in the 1980s to keep our rat’s nests up and wind-proof?

It’s been three days.  Not a little claw mark or teeth mark in sight.  Just be sure to recoat your pumpkins after a rainfall.

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  1. I’m with you on a strong dislike (ok, maybe hate) of squirrels. They’re pests! They constantly taunt our poor dog. They sit on the fence and “chatter” at him…drives him crazy. Poor thing. I’m glad to see something that will stop them…I’ll be buying some Aquanet!

    1. I forgot to respray after our rain, and Dr. Evil took a little chunk out for his lunch. Now, it’s war… No, it’s totally hate. LOL…

  2. squirrel haters, unite! is there a real need for them? i mean, i hate bees, but i see the need for them with pollination and blah blah blah, but what do squrrels DO besides eat my bulbs, my flowers, anything i leave out for birds, and ruin pumpkins?!?

  3. I’ll try that. Last year, squirrels ate my daughters decorated pumpkin. She had glitter spray all over it, I was reallyl surprised the squirrels still devoured it, so glitter spray does not work the same as hairspray, lol.

    Squirrels have been ruining our pumpkins the last 3 years or so & they totally ruined our patio furniture. Ate it to pieces and stored food inside the cushions. We never had these kinds of problems until a few years ago.

    Thanks for the hairspray tip!

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