how to cook old school: properly-prepared oatmeal

My favorite breakfast during the winter when I was young was oatmeal.  The overly-processed quick-in-the-microwave oats that came individually-packed and overly sweetened with dehydrated strawberries.  Maple and brown sugar.  I still have impure thoughts about that oatmeal.

The more I study food and nutrition, the more I see the phrase “properly-prepared grains, beans, and nuts” pop up in traditional food, raw vegan, and even, some paleo sites.

If all those schools of thought on the food we eat agree on “propely-prepared” I figured they are on to something.

That phrase at first “properly-prepared”, scared the crap out of me.  Do I have time?  What if I do it wrong?  It all looked so complicated.

It’s not.

So let’s start with a baby step, shall we?

The night before:
1 cup of rolled oats {gluten-free in our case}
2 cups of purified water
1 T. of raw apple cider vinegar {I use the GF brand Bragg’s}

Combine in a glass bowl.  Cover with a dish towel.

That’s it.

When you wake in the morning, you will have reduced the nasty phytic acid in your oatmeal AND reduced your cooking time.

Phytic acid, which is present in all grains, nuts, seeds, and beans, binds to the minerals and vitamins you eat.  Making them useless.

 By soaking, sprouting, and fermenting we kick the phytic acid to the curb.  This method also makes the oats less likely to bloat you and give you a gassy stomach.

In the morning, I strain the soaking water.  I know some people don’t do this, but I do.  I think fresh purified water is best. Then, cook oats as directed.  It generally only takes 20 minutes for them to cook for me.

You can doctor them up, however you want, but I recommend adding a good fat of some sort to balance out the glycemic index.

Here’s how I prep our
Blueberry Muffin Oatmeal:

2T of ghee or coconut oil {whatever I have on hand}
frozen organic blueberries
properly prepared oatmeal {roughly 2 cups}
* on occasion, I add soaked almonds as well.  up the good protein and fat.

Even with this method, I still find myself far hungrier much sooner than when I eat a farmer’s breakfast of meats and eggs.

1.) Prep oats as instructed above the night before
2.) Cook.
3.) Add good fats and frozen organic blueberries
That’s it. 

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