Homeopathy for Exhausted and Overwhelmed Mothers: My story

homeopathy sepia constitutional remedy; how homeopathy can help mothers

Maybe you’ve seen the little Boiron blue vials at your local health store or Whole Foods.  Perhaps you’ve heard about someone using Arnica 30C for pain or a a Hyland’s tablet for a baby in teething hell.

Perhaps you think homeopathy is synonymous with “holistic” or “home remedy”.

At one point in time, less than a year ago, I thought it was.

It is NOT a holistic vitamin or a folk remedy.

Homeopathy is not new age.  Homeopathy is a separate medical system that is over 200 years old and used widely in Europe.  

It is a growing force here in the states, with people fed up with suppressing symptoms.  People, like me, who have a child with autism, a true outlier in western medical system.  People, like me, who have been tossed around from specialist to specialist, analyzing body parts without regard to the intricate details of our health histories, our family’s health history, or even our emotional well-being.

I am now 33 years of age, and in the best state of mind and body I have ever been.


By looking in the margins, far away from the legions of doctors I entrusted my health to, only to become worse over time.

In order for you to understand how homeopathy works, first you must know more about my health history…

So, here it is.  I’m hiding nothing.  An open book.

{This is precisely what a first appointment with a homeopath is like: a tell-all 3 hour session}.

My story started with a C-section birth, and chronic ear infection from birth to age 6. I puked at every feeding.  At age 6, I had 30% hearing loss, and it was recommended that I have tubes put in my ears.  I lived on “the pink stuff” {amoxicilin} in my early years.

As a kid, I had reoccuring strep, sinus infections, and was sick from fall until spring.  Around the 6th grade {age 11}, I developed migraine with aura, which I had several times a month until age 30.   Doctors never looked for a reason for my migraines, I was given suppresive meds like Midrin.

When I was 15, I developed mononucleosis.  After that, my energy levels were always a struggle.  I hated gym class.  Running.  Anything physical.  I made a competitive dance team in high school, and had to quit because I was too weak.  Even into my 20s, that fatigue plagued me.  From that point on, I had stomach troubles.  My periods were unbearable.  Doctors put me on “the pill” to reduce my migraines and lighten my horrific cramps.  In hindsight, this made my issues worse.

It was always about suppression of my symptoms, and NOT about finding the root cause.  

In late college and my early to mid 20s, I battled bouts of depression.  Constant UTIs. Yeast.  Now, I know, it was all from the pill and my sugar/gluten/processed food heavy diet.

In my early 20s, I also had several bouts of kidney stones.  At age 23, this woke me up.  I was under tons of stress at the time. I was teaching full time, in grad school full time, making poverty level wages, and living at home while my father was terminally ill.

It was first time I took my diet into account as a precursor to all my issues.  I hired a nutrionist and began researching organic living.

Despite my move to organic, the fatigue, migraines, and low energy continued.  In my last year teaching 2nd grade, I began to lose vision during my migraines.  One morning during my reading class, I looked up and the room was gone.  I was rushed to the ER, because they thought I had a brain aneurysm.  After tons of testing, CATs, and MRIs, the doctors were mystified.

My health was so poor, I left teaching.  I slept constantly, and the migraines were so frequently and strong, that I could not function.

Six months later after leaving teaching, I was pregnant with Moose at age 28.  I was deep into my organic phase, refusing to dye my hair or paint my fingernails in fear of leaching toxins to him.  I ate clean and organic, {despite tons of gluten}.  My migraines were better during my pregnancy.  I felt much better pregnant than I did before.

At 28 weeks pregnant, I received the Rhogham vaccine shot, because I am a negative blood type {which is incredibly rare affecting only 10% of the total population}.  I recall feeling very strange after that shot for a few weeks.

I had a c-section with Moose because he was Frank breech.  The surgery loaded me up with antibiotics.  I recall getting another vaccine in the hospital after Moose was born.  I believe it was the DTap.

I had a good support system during Moose’s newborn phase, but my father passed away when Moose was shy of two months old.  It broke me emotionally for a good period of time.  It was really tough to tackle early motherhood while grieving my father.  Then, when Moose was 6 months old, my grandmother passed away.

My health began to deteriorate because of the grief and stress. My allergies were killer.  My migraines returned with a vengeance.  I kept nursing and being the best mother I could to Moose through it all.

I became pregnant with Sir Monkey when Moose was a little over a year old, just as Moose self-weaned from nursing. The pregnancy was easy.  Again, Rhogham shot.  Another C-section after a valiant effort at a VBAC. More antibiotics.

A few months after Monkey was born, just around October 2009, I noticed changes in Moose.  He wasn’t responding to his name.  He stopped pointing and labeling body parts and objects.  He stopped asking “What’s this?” “What’s that?”.  I thought he was going deaf.  {Which was a valid concern, because I have two grandparents who were deaf.  My grandmother  lost her hearing at age 12 after meningitis}.

My stress level began to skyrocket again, because I knew it was autism.  I was angry because I saw my son deteriorate.  Not a doctor could explain the sudden onset of chronic diarrhea. No one in Early Intervention would call the snake by its name, but my mama gut and teacher brain knew what had happened.

I went into full on warrior mode, mama lion on the war path: studying and learning all I could deep into the night.

It took a toll on my heath.  I stopped digesting all my food.  Diarrhea was constant.  I couldn’t eat anything. I tested allergic to everything: gluten, dairy, soy, corn, rice, egg, and pretty much air and water.

My body was covered in hives and shutting down.  I was irritable, scared, but worst of all, a shadow of myself.

It was like God was just piling it on: the deaths, the grief, the pain.  Just as I became to overcome the grief, he tossed autism on top of that sandcastle, and my health came crashing down.

Just as we began to seek out holistic doctors for Moose, I made appointments for myself too.  I changed my diet kicking the inflammatories of gluten and dairy out.  I loaded up on supplements.  I was determined to get my health back alongside my son’s.

It was night and day how I felt by the diet change alone.  It was like 20 years of my life was a deep fog. Despite being rather smart in school, I always struggled with organization.  I began to think more clearly.

After three months being GFCF, I realized I had not a single migraine.  After a year, the trend continued.  After three years, they are so infrequent and manageable, I can truly say that my “migraneur” condition is a memory.

The Best is Yet to Come…

Moose and I began seeing our homeopathy in the summer of 2012.  Moose is completing a specific homeopathic program called CEASE therapy.

I, on the other hand, felt moody and withdrawn.  Exhausting from three years of battling insurance, fighting my son’s GI issues and autism, and just general ennui.  My low energy levels returned, and I was falling asleep again in the afternoons.  I felt like a raging case of PMS all the time.

My homeopath suggested that we look back into my health history.

Once I relayed my history to Lora, my homeopath, she suggested we start with Sepia, which is a known remedy for the exhausted, forlorn, mother irritable with her family, and wishing to just be alone away from it all.  Unlike many, sepia is my “constitution”, in homeopathy, meaning that it is the basis of who I am and my health.  For many it’s a state of being, but for me, it is my make-up, which is pretty rare.

Within a few days on the Sepia remedy, I felt even again.  The PMS was replaced with puppy dogs and rainbows, but the fatigue continued.

Lora, then suggested, that we clear the Epstein Barr virus, which is what caused my mono and chronic fatigue back at age 15.  It took two months to detox that virus out, but at the end of the detox {which wasn’t pretty by the way}.  I felt energized.  More alive.  Not passing out on the couch while the boys watched their afternoon PBS cartoons.

I’m on a low dose of Sepia 12C everyday now, just for maintenance.  I have never felt better in my life.

What I love about homeopathy, is that it looks deeper into the causation of illness.  Deeper at the health history.  Homeopaths choose remedies closest to your symptoms, rather than merely suppressing them.

If you are struggling with any health concerns at all, I implore you to look into homeopathy.  I’ve tried everything to help my family, and I can’t believe how much this type of medicine has helped my son and me.

Homeopathy is more powerful than diets and supplements.  


It addresses the root causes of illness.  It doesn’t just pile on bandaids and suppress.  It allows your body to heal itself, which after all, is what it was designed to do.

I plan to write more at length about it to help everyone who comes across this blog.

To your health,



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  1. Great article! Its amazing just how much our diets contribute to our health. I struggled with interstistial cystitis and endometriosis and was living with a lot of emotional and physical pain every day. I joined an online FB group about natural healing and was recommended to read “The detox miracle sourcebook” by Robert Morse. It completely opened my eyes and changed my life dramatically. I now see food as medicine. I did juice fasts and all raw diet coupled with herbal tinctures. I have since incorporated cooked foods and grains (no meat) back into my diet but continue to eat fresh raw fruit daily. I feel better than I have in YEARS!! I too am convinved that homepathy REALLY works.

  2. What an amazing journey and story! Thank you so much for sharing! As a mom of two boys, one with special needs, and a huge fan of homeopathy, it’s always inspiring to see others discover natural healing. So much so, that it has become my life’s mission to help others to learn about it.

  3. Thank you for this excellent, passionate article! I am a homeopath, and like you, came to homeopathy for my children. It has indeed changed my life and that of my whole family. Your story is inspiring and as a homeopath, I have deep gratitude for those who are willing to step out share their story of healing and how homeopathy has made a difference. All the best to you and your family.

  4. thank you so much for sharing your story, nicolette. in the diet realm, i have found that gluten and sugar are HUGE stressors for me. but, oh, how i love the sweets. Sepia has been part of my own remedy protocol, too. so i can so appreciate your experience.

    the way you described the layers of imbalance is so candid and to the point…i hope readers see the connections and integration of whole-body health. thanks, too, for making the connection between the health of our children and our own. it is so basic to our well-being, and general family balance. it’s why i encourage mom to seek treatment when i am treating a child. i hope you are finding seeing good results for your son through natural means, too. enjoy more puppy dogs and rainbows with homeopathy!

  5. Like! This is an amazing story. Its great to see homeopathy helping such a hopeless looking case that conventional medicine failed to even touch. Well done for writing such a great article and championing homeopathy! I have been helped by it in many (comparatively minor) ways and at 51 I feel healthier than I did at 21. I am now studying to become a homeopath.W

  6. I LOVE homeopathy! So glad that you eventually found solutions that work for you and your family. Can’t wait to read more. Blessings to you for sharing this with everyone!

  7. I’m a homeopath, so it’s not news to me that it works, but I’m so very glad there are people who can write so well about their experiences. There is nothing better than hearing from someone else that homeopathy is true, it’s real, it works. Hope everyone will pass it on!

    1. Yes, he was at age 3. By a pricey developmental pediatrician. More of his story is here deeper in the blog archives. I did write about his day of diagnosis…


  8. I love your Blog and am posting your link in my Post on Friday. You can find me at findingmeinhomeopathy.blogspot.com
    I am a student of Homeopathy, 1st year. I have been writing since September and came across your Blog a little while back. So I wanted to let you know I am posting it on mine this week. Keep writing your words, they are so important.

  9. Homeopathy student here. Found your blog by chance while researching Sepia. Glad to see it has worked so brilliantly for you. Keep strong and just keep swimming

  10. Came to your site while doing a search for Sepia Constitutional remedies as my homeopath just told me this is a remedy she would like me to take. Much of your story mirrors my history including the Mono/ Epstein Barr portion. I am curious what your homepath had you do to clear that?

    1. I did levels 30c, 200c, 1m, and 10m. Two weeks each. Twice a week dosage. We monitored as needed and adjusted. I felt like I had mono again! It was tough, but worth it.


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