Home Organized Home: Easy Chalkboard Labels

First, start with a cereal box (this is the frugal version of tagboard).
Plus, it’s cold here in Chicago, and I didn’t feel like leaving the house to start this project…
Then scale it down to the size of the labels you want.
Cover with adhesive chalkboard.  (I found mine on clearance at Home Goods for $2.00)
If you want to get real fancy, cut along the edges with scrapbooking scissors.
Then, bust-out the chalkboard markers and show your best font.
Finally, I actually sewed this on the basket, because I couldn’t find my hole punch…
See, now I won’t mix up my cleaners and snacks every again.
And the basket? Home Goods…$5.00
Yes, I am the queen of the clearance section.
First, the baskets, now the rest of the house.
Isn’t that the truth…happy wife, happy life?

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