Gluten Free

I know gluten-free seems “all-the-rage” now, but for people with celiac’s disease it’s a do-or-die situation.  Also, I believe that chronic migraines, autoimmune conditions, and children with autism, ADHD, ADD would benefit from a gluten-free trial of at least 6 months.  Given the state of destroyed guts in our country due to crappy processed diets and overuse of antibiotics, gluten-free forces us to eat consciously and get back in the kitchen!My migraines have been reduced by 95% since I went gluten-free, and my son’s autistic behaviors have greatly improved.  My younger son has never had gluten and is as smart as most kindergarteners.

Before starting any gluten-free diet, please talk to your doctor and run antibody blood work for celiac.  97% of people with celiac disease do not even know they have the condition!

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