Faux Lamination Tip

Back when I was teaching, lamination was key to making many a printable and teaching poster long lasting. Now that I no longer have access to a primo and free laminator, I had to come up with a cheap alternative.  A faux if you will.
Here’s part of our faux-laminated Halloween Word Wall:
 I use this an a durable and kid proof alternative:

Whether you use it for file folder games, recipes cards, word walls, to-do lists, or other printables…

they will endure as long as you use the contact paper on the front and back.

Clear contact paper generally runs only $5/6 per huge roll, and when you compare that to the price of lamination…it can’t be beat.

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  1. I always use the clear contact paper to laminate the roster card cheat sheets that I make for the parents on the sidelines.(you know, so you’re not shouting out nice pass 17, instead of the kid’s name.) It makes the perfect cheap substitute.

  2. Yep, I used this to laminate the pieces for our busy bags and it’s worked GREAT! And you’re right…so much cheaper! I picked up some rolls at Dollar Tree, but next time I’ll buy the big roll bc I think it’s probably a better deal (and maybe better quality?)

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