Why did you name your blog momnivore’s dilemma?

I was smitten with The Omnivore’s Dilemma by food writer Michael Pollan when I began this blog back in early 2010.  We had just begun the GFCF diet, and I was immersed in all things food.  I thought it was a fun play on words, and it’s wink at those who read as much foodie stuff as I do.

In fact, the real dilemma for me now balancing my own needs with that of my sons.  This blog morphed from just about autism and motherhood to my creative release.  I’m glad it has, because the readership has grown exponentially since I started it nearly 3 years ago.

So, what do you write about?

Health. Motherhood.  Craftiness. Recipes.  Autism.  My home.  Organizing.  Fashion.  Think of my site as a one-stop shop for people who create, care about what they eat, and who give a damn about special needs kids.

I grew up obsessed with magazines, so I really don’t like to stick to one niche.  I would have quit by now if that were the case

What did you do before you became a SAHM?

Originally, I graduated with a degree in snakeoil salesmanship aka advertising. I was in music marketing for a few years as a lowly paid rep for Sony Music and Universal Music Group.  I left the music industry after September 11th to “change the world” through teaching.  {smacks 22 year old self in forehead}

I had my master’s by 24, and taught in Chicago almost every grade from PK-8th until I had Sir Moose in 2007.

Then, I had a small tutoring business until last year, when I started a teaching website with my friend and partner-in-blog, Karen.  We spent a year developing The Classroom Creative.  Nothing like it exists.

I’ve always written stories, so blogging is a natural extension of that love.  I have a closet full of bad high school and college poetry I may reveal at a later date.


What are your thoughts on diets?

Paleo? GFCF? Real food? Vegan? Raw? Weston Price?  Gluten-free?

Been there. Done that.

Food is like religion, you need to find what works for you.  I’ve tried them all.  I think this guy is pretty keen on diet.  I think moderation is key.

The only thing I avoid now is gluten. It makes me grumpy.

Grass-fed dairy. Grass-fed meats.  Organic.  Non-GMO.  Food dye is crap.  Slow food is the best food.

Of these things, I am certain.