Don’t Cry Over Sliced Bread

After work this morning…I headed to the mecca of all things foodie, my beloved Whole Paycheck.

This was my first visit back since I became certifiably gluten intolerant.

The baked goods taunted me.  The man hockin’ sandwiches on the sub cart.  The pizza team.
Everywhere I turned: wheat and gluten.

Look at us, you can’t have us.  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Enter a memory from one of my fellow EI mamas (hi natalie)…she once mentioned Udi’s bread.  Udi’s bread is supposed to be the Mercedes of gluten-free breads.  At 6 bucks a loaf, the shit better have gold-plated crust.

So, there in the center of the wheat/gluten ladened orgy that is the peripherary of Whole Paycheck, the lights from heavens shone on an endcap, and that endcap was Udi’s bread.

They had “whole” grain.  Whatever.

I opted for the good old-fashioned white.

It looked like bread. It smelled like, Panera-esque bread.  Not the Wonderbread of my youth, but more of a artisian loaf ala Corner Bakery…

When I arrived back at the estate, Nana Magic took a bite.  She was impressed.

This is coming from the woman who lives on white bread and potato chips.  If it could fool her…well come on by. I’ll make you an sandwich.  You won’t know the difference…

But I still am crying. Mourning, if you will.

Eating as I know it will never be the same.  Parties will be difficult. Going to dinner will be a pain in the ass.

Funny what started out as a diet to help your kid turns into something much, much more…

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  1. I’m with ya. It’s a bummer, but being GF does get easier over time. (I like to tell myself that). When I’m in Madison visiting my mom I stop at Silly Yak. LOVE their GF bread. P.S. Thanks for the soy post. I’m trying to avoid soy (one of those ‘not sure but I think it doesn’t agree with me’ things) and I had no idea that lecithin, etc., also need to be avoided. Ack.

  2. @ Annie-

    Some say you can do lecithin, but I am in the camp of avoiding all soy. Plus, the GMO issue as well. Dr. Hope (our holistic internist) said that the protein molecules of soy and casein are the same size, and processed the same. I noticed more issues with soy the longer I’ve been GF.

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