Christmas ABC Word Wall Tutorial

Many people own Christmas ABC books, but why not DIY a Christmas ABC word wall, so your kids see it every day?  I think this word wall is appropriate from 6 months +.

My boys play with the word walls in the morning before breakfast. We sing a cheesy made up song with it…

I know it’s working because Moose has learned a few words from it, and Monkey can recite the whole alphabet after three days.

If you’ve missed the first two,  check out our Halloween Alphabet Word Wall and Thanksgiving Alphabet Word Wall.

-two nails
-silver cord ribbon
-a pack of clothespins from the dollar store
-chip board letters ala Tar-jay dollar sections
-contact paper for durability
-various photos, clip art, magazine photos, old Halloween cards

1.) Choose a wall with at least five feet in length.

2.) Paint your clothespins and adhere letters.  If you are feeling extra Martha,  color-coordinate your clothespins to the season/holiday you are featuring.

3.) Brainstorm various concrete words associated with Christmas. 

4.) Create ABC cards with photos, clip art, and WORDS attached.  This can be done in MS word or google’s picnik collage feature.  I also am starting to take a more multimedia approach, and will be searching for actual objects with that letter.  {I am planning on many more of these word walls}

5.) Use ghetto lamination: clear contact paper on both side of the Christmas abc cards, so young kids won’t rip your hard work!

{I apologize for the poor lighting, the boys’ room gets very little natural light this time of year}

Adaptations for older PK-3rd graders: 
1.) Make them brainstorm the words and search for pictures in magazines, old cards, google images, etc.

2.) If you have young artists on your hands, have them draw some of the word associations. That way they have authentic ownership in the task.  Big teaching buzz words, people.

Since I am part-time homeschooling a nonverbal child with autism and a incredibly verbal 2 year old, I really think the visual word associations are important for all learners.  Some of my former teaching partners used word walls, but usually just posted words.   I think this version is far more helpful for all kids!

With the J and K, we “jump” and “kiss”.  Action words are by far the boys’ favorites…

Just like the pretty forward facing bookshelves you see all over Pinterest, every home should have some running word wall.

Stay tuned for the winter alphabet word wall in late December.  

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