Chicago Takes Hollywood: An Indie Filmmaker Dreams Big

support kickstarter anna musso indie filmmaker

I met my best friend Anna in Algebra class during my freshman year of high school now, 20 years ago.  Over those years we’ve grown from insecure poetry-writing teens into women with ambition and dreams.

support kickstarter anna musso indie filmmaker

Her dream: filmmaking.

For nearly the past decade, she’s worked on incredible films with the Ad Hominem production company in Los Angeles headed by visionary director Alexander Payne.

In 2011, Anna wrote and directed a short film, L Train, which was shot here in Chicago during our second worst snowstorm to date.  L Train, won many awards, was shown at Sundance, and was up for Oscar-consideration.  You can watch that moving short film below:

If I had a million dollars, I’d hand it over to her right now.  She’s that talented.  Hollywood needs more storytellers like Anna.  In a field dominated by trite storylines and, frankly men, Hollywood needs her voice-  a strong-willed brillant mind from a middle-class family here in Chicago.

Someone who will tell the stories that deserve to be told.

The only thing standing between Anna and her next film, is of course, the almighty dollar.  Making this second short film, RUN FAST, will be her ticket to making a feature-length picture in the next five years.

I’m not one to use this blog for profit or purposes as such, so when I am asking that if you have read and enjoyed my stories, recipes, and ideas…if you could help support the dream of one of my oldest friends- it really would mean the world to her and to me.

Even a dollar.  The change between your cushions.

Kickstarter is linked to Amazon now, which seriously, makes donating a no-brainer.

I know in the next two decades, as Anna continues to prove her brilliance, you will be glad you helped back this film.

Anna thanks you in advance.  Even the smallest amount helps.  Click here to learn more about her campaign at Kickstarter which ends THIS MONDAY, and more about her upcoming film, RUN FAST.

With love,


p.s. She will kill me for telling you this but Glamour Magazine named my dear Anna Musso one of their 35 UNDER 35 TO WATCH IN HOLLYWOOD! Her nickname in the article is THE UPSTART.

p.s.s. There was a nun in high school that terrorized Anna and me, and told us, despite our honors classes we would amount to nothing. I’d like that Sister to now eat those words.


  1. Hi Nic … I ran across this wonderful commentary on your part for Anna. It was so wonderful of you to include her on your site. I hope all is well in your world. I so enjoyed talking to you the last time we we which was – I believe – at the Chicago Film Festival when L Train first ran. I need to access your site more often … lots of great stuff here. And Amen (sorry for the irony) to your comments about the nuns at your high school. I felt the same at the time you were both going there. I’ll never forget one of the nuns telling me that for advanced placement math classes, the girls would have to walk across the parking lot to the boys high school because these classes weren’t offered to the girls. Shame on them! Anyway … all water under the bridge as you and Anna continue to become more and more amazing women with every passing year.

    1. Great to hear from you, Carol!

      I hope I played a small part in Anna reaching her Kickstarter goal. She never ceases to amaze me.

      Sister F is the nun in question. If I do remember in Senior Physics, she told Anna and me that we would never work anywhere beyond McDonald’s. Ha.

      I’d love to see you soon. Perhaps, coffee or lunch? It’s been too long. L Train was nearly 2 years ago!

      With love,

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