an existential educational crisis: montessori vs. homeschool vs. public school

momnivore's dilemma

I feel like I've been told there's no such thing as Santa. Everything I thought I knew about children has been turned on its head. I've spent the past two weeks observing the most incredible scenes of early childhood education in two private Montessori classrooms here in Chicago.  I'm just coming up for air.  And what better place to sort out … [Read more...]

Step Away from the Drive-Thru… (free printable)

I made this printable ages ago, in hopes of inspiring you all to make changes in your diets and lifestyles.  I never posted it.  If you want to make a lifestyle change, this is where I suggest you start. Pretend the drive-thru doesn't exist. It's healthy for your body and your pocketbook. Simply drag to your desktop and … [Read more...]

Meet 2013′s energy vampires! {Home Goals}

Dreams deferred from 2012 because of money, time, or plain old laziness... Home Goal #1 Backsplash.  Needed a backsplash in 2009.  Still need backsplash in 2013. Home Goal #2: Replace these awful sofas with something leather.  Formal.  My boys are too rough on anything in the fabric department.   These red monsters are nearly 10 … [Read more...]

Slaying 2012′s Energy Vampires {Home Edition}

energy vampires-001

Ah, January, the time the blogging world takes its collective, "le sigh", amid round-up posts, words of the year, goal setting, and big, fat, shiny hopes. But, I missed the boat.  It's March, and I have been so busy with the kids and my other site, The Classroom Creative, that this draft has slept in my to-do list since the new … [Read more...]

Re-Vinylized: A New Documentary {and my own nostalgia}

Nearly 20 years ago, at the age of 15, I was offered my first job as a clerk in a record store. Universal Music Group paid my college tuition as a part of a scholarship program. {Yet, even in my early 30s, I still have tons of school debt!}  From that scholarship, I worked the powers-that-be into my first internship and first job as a college … [Read more...]

i love you, katy perry…

Take a moment to watch this... This little girl living with autism, Jodi DiPiazza, was once non-verbal. Struggling. Then, she found music. A friend with a daughter with autism just shared this at facebook. I had to share it with you.   If you have dry eyes after seeing this, I'd be shocked. Nicolette … [Read more...]

binders full of women?

charlie sheen...-001

Whether you are left or right, up or down...I'm apathetic this election BUT...I love a good satire.  I had to...   For more internet madness, check out this tumblr:  Binders full of women.   … [Read more...]

Halloween: Moose’s costumes over the years

moose newborn halloween 2007

It's been 5 Halloweens.  Wow.  Here's a look back at Sir Moose.     2007 {Moose...just shy of a month} 2008 { 1 year old} {as a puppy} The proverbial pumpkin patch shot...    2009 {2 years} SuperMoose! 2010 {3 years} Cookie   2011 {4 years} The Caped Crusader   Okay.  Now to cry at the … [Read more...]

Halloween: Monkey’s costumes over the years…

Monkey Halloween 2009 -2

After some massive iPhoto searching, Facebook digging, and Shutterfly excavating, I've managed to round up a few shots of my little Monkey, from Halloween's past. This proves that I need to manage my digital photos much better. I will tackle this asap.  Perhaps, a mini-31 days project in the future?  Any suggestions in organizing 10,000 … [Read more...]

hauntingly beautiful…


Music haunts me.  A song will come on the radio, and suddenly I'm taken back to age 16.  19.  25.  29... This song, from a local band here in Chicago called Farkus {yes, aptly named from that evil character in A Christmas Story}, will forever remind me of this year. Take a listen.   Here it is on iTunes. This Happens … [Read more...]