Homeopathy for Cold and Flu Season (Two Homeopaths Share Ideas)

homeopathic remedies for cold and flu season

As I type this, I’m battling my first cold of the season.  It’s annoying, but not nearly the knock-me-off my sails type illnesses of the past.  Over the past few days, I’ve changed homeopathic remedies for my cold depending on the symptoms.  Homeopathy is a powerful way to treat common colds and flus without harmful side effects.  Basically what would have lingered for weeks before my knowledge of homeopathy disappears in a matter of days.  It’s also, as I said, much weaker of a cold, given the remedies affect to bolster my body’s immune system.

Now, two professional homeopaths Lora Roberts of 360 Homeopathy and Kelly Callahan of Concentric Healing will share their ideas on cold and flu season.  *This post is for informational purposes only, and DOES NOT constitute medical treatment*

homeopathic remedies for cold and flu season

Homeopathy for all seasons: Colds, the flu and you!

by: Lora Roberts, 360 Homeopathy

With the cold air already sneaking up on us and winter approaching, now is the perfect time to have some homeopathic remedies on hand to help with fall and winter ailments. I have thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful fall weather in the midwest this year. As much as I like to procrastinate and enjoy these beautiful days, I also know planning for optimal health for the winter is needed. They say if you don’t plan, you plan to fail so let’s be proactive!

First a little background is helpful–What is Homeopathy? Homeopathy is a natural therapeutic method of medical treatment that is based on the philosophy that a substance which causes symptoms in a healthy person can also remove symptoms in a sick person as long as the substance is highly diluted. The Homeopathic remedy stimulates the body’s natural healing process. Homeopathic remedies are traditionally made of plant, animal, or mineral elements rather than synthetic forms. Homeopathic remedies are the only other health products along with conventional drugs that are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Homeopathy views illness as effecting the entire individual (mind-body- spirit) and treats the whole person rather than just the symptoms, disease or specific body parts.

The treatment helps the body heal itself rather than suppress or control symptoms. Homeopathy acts at an energetic level, therefore it has a broad effect: shifting mental, emotional , and physical symptoms.When situations arise and self treatment is appropriate here are some remedy suggestions for the flu and cold season. Colds and flu are generally considered acute illnesses and are self limiting which means they will eventually resolve themselves in time without intervention. To distinguish the difference, colds are generally accompanied by a runny nose and mild fever and flus usually present with respiratory illness with high fever, chills, muscle aches and prostration.These remedies can be purchased in a 6c or 30c potency and can be found at many local natural health stores and pharmacies. When dosing in these acute situations, the remedy can be repeated 3-4 times a day for a duration of 7-10 days and reducing the amount as the symptoms improve.

Oscillococcinum: a great remedy to have on hand in your first aid kit. As soon as you start feeling run down or have other flu-like symptoms, such as headache, body aches, chills and fever, take Oscillococcinum. I say this is the lazy man’s remedy for someone who doesn’t want to do a lot of thinking about their illness and just take something to make the pain go away.

Aconite: works great in early stages of a illness, especially within the first 12 hours of showing cold and flu symptoms, colds with a sudden onset and symptoms after exposure to cold wind/weather, dry cough and flushed face.

Bryonia: common flu remedy, ideal for those with body aches and pains, excessive thirst, desire to remain still and aggravated by the slightest movement

Gelsemium: lack of thirst, flu like symptoms with overall weakness, shivering and heaviness of limbs, exhaustion with lethargy and droopy eyes. FYI- this was the #1 remedy used during the 1918 flu pandemic

Allium Cepa: great for colds with excessive burning acrid discharge of the nose, nose “runs like a faucet”, profuse flow of bland tears, constant sneezing

Kali Bichromicum: helps to clear out the last of cold symptoms, sinus headaches, crusting inside the nose, sticky-stringy nasal secretion, constant clearing of the throat, blocked sinuses.

Arsenicum: chilly & anxious with diarrhea and vomiting. Helpful for the gastric flu.

Nux Vomica: another great remedy for a gastric flu, increased diarrhea and vomitting and an all over toxic feeling. The patient is often chilly and impatient.

Merc. Vivus: cold symptoms with increased saliva and a painful need to swallow. They often are very hypersensitive to temperature changes.

Hepar Sulph: this individual is cold all over and worse from uncovering. They are extremely irritable and don’t like to be touched, esp. near the head (think of a screaming child who doesn’t want the doctor anywhere near their ears). It is helpful for an extreme sore throat with sharp pains that effect the ears.

Last but not least for individuals who want a more prophylaxis/preventative option Influenzinum is beneficial. One popular protocol is to take one dose once a week for 4 week in ascending potency moving from 30C up to 10M. Every year a new batch of this remedy is made and it contains the three most recent strains of the flu virus. Many homeopathic pharmacies also offer a combination Influenzinum that offers a remedy made from the flu strain of multiple years.

Homeopathic care is cost effective, has been used successfully for over 200 years and promotes gentle healing. For chronic complaints and other health concerns it is helpful to seek a qualified Homeopathic Practitioner. The homeopathic process is both simple and noninvasive.

Cheers to health! Remember even when illness strikes our body is expressing health and giving us messages. Listen and treat appropriately!


Thanks so much Lora! Now, here’s Kelly’s take on cold and flu season…

homeopathy final

Homeopathy for Sniffles and Sneezes

by: Kelly Callahan of  Concentric Healing

Last week, This American Life, a popular documentary style radio program on NPR, did a show on Tylenol, and the shocking risks on taking this seemingly benign pain killer and fever reducer. The only surprise was that it was actually on a national radio station that is often unfailingly on the side of conventional medicine.

You have to ask yourself- is this what I want in my medicine cabinet? How do I want to respond to my child’s seasonal illnesses?

If any part of your answer is- I want to use natural, safe medicines, that will not only help reduce suffering but actually be a benefit to the immune system… well, look no further!

Whether it’s those first runny noses or the full-on flu, homeopathic remedies are that safe, natural medicine.

Homeopathy has been used for over 200 years and has a proven track record of efficacy for not only seasonal illnesses, but the big epidemics in the history books (at least in this country) like yellow fever, diphtheria, cholera, and more. Using single substances from nature (plants, minerals, etc…) the remedies deliver a highly diluted, energetically potentized dose that interfaces with the child’s own energy, and gives it the boost it needs to complete the healing it is already trying to do. For a great tutorial on how homeopathy works, check out: http://homeopathyplus.com.au/category/tutorials/  These Aussies do a great job of breaking down homeopathy.

But back to alternatives for your medicine cabinet.  Here are a few remedies that are must-haves, bringing your child(ren) relief, and peace of mind for parents everywhere who are looking for a way out of the pharma-matrix.

Aconite (monkshood)

This might be the one remedy I would take to a deserted island (but man, I would fight tooth and nail if I could only bring one!!). Aconite is the perfect remedy for fall and winter, because it helps the vital force (chi in Chinese medicine… your essential energy that regulates balance in your body) reconcile from fright, shock, and exposure. If the body can’t rebalance after exposure to a cold dry wind, or a fright that comes as a shocking surprise, then a fever and/or cough may come about as a result.

For example, let’s say you go on a hike and up at the top, the wind is going strong, even though the sun is shining. Later that night, you hear a dry barking cough and go to check up on your little one. Sure enough, he has a high dry fever, bright red cheeks, and raspy seal-barking cough that sounds like croup coming on. A few doses of Aconite 30c or a 200c if you have it, should help ease the fever and may resolve the condition altogether.

You can use Aconite for just the barky croupy cough, as long as there is no discharge present yet (goopy nose, congestion in the lungs). It is also a go-to for the first twinges of a sore throat that feels tight and dry.

Hepar Sulph

Hepar sulphuricum is one of those strange mineral combinations unique to homeopathic medicines. I love this remedy, and it follows Aconite well for when the fever might drop, but the cough advances and there’s congestion in the chest. This is definitely a second-stage remedy, where the condition has advanced to producing mucous.

The cough will still sound croupy- dry and barking. The patient often has a *very* sore throat, so painful to swallow, and warm drinks are the only thing that makes it better. There is an oversensitivity to pain- the ear, the throat, or even conjunctivitis of the eye.  The pain in the throat is like a fishbone sticking in it, and it may radiate up to the ear.

Mentally and emotionally, the child is so sensitive to their pain and intolerant of discomfort they become grouchy and irritable.


Belladonna is a well-known and often used remedy for children and fevers. The key indications for the remedy are: pulsation, congestion, inflammation.

Belladonna conditions tend to come on quick. As in, your kid came home from school, he was fine and then by dinner, he’s red (inflammation) in the face with a raging fever. There may be delirium with the fever and glassy eyes. A throbbing, right sided headache might be present as well. Any motion, light, or noise makes the symptoms worse.

The suddenness, redness and inflammation that are characteristic of Belladonna may come with any symptoms picture- like a sore throat, a headache (without the fever), ear infection. There may also be a barking cough. But like Aconite, this is more of a first stage remedy, when things come on quick, but before everything settles into mucous and discharge (goopy yellow snot, that kind of thing).

The difference between Aconite and Belladonna? With Belladonna there’s an element of intensity and violence- it comes on fast, and the child may rage or strike out. The redness and pulsation are marked. With Aconite there is more a state of fear, and a desire for protection. The fever is high and dry, but without the intense inflammation of Belladonna.

 Arsenicum album

Arsenicum is a great remedy for colds and certain indications of flu. The mental state is strong, and important to prescribing- that of anxiety for health and deep insecurity. The anxiety can be for one’s own health, or that of another. I wrote about this remedy in my first post about going back to school, and how the child who might need Arsenicum will have a strong need for order and cleanliness, and what we consider to be ‘OCD’ symptoms.

Physical symptoms include extreme chilliness, with an inability to get warm. The patient is huddled in blankets by the woodstove or heater and *still* can’t get warm. They want company and in a weird twist, want to sip cold, or cool water (rather than a hot beverage). Their pains are burning- in the stomach for example, and any discharges are also burning- leaving the skin raw and red in its wake. There might be diarrhea and vomiting. The head may feel like it is burning and a cold pack will make it feel better, all the while, the patient still feels chilly! Symptoms are always worse between midnight and 2 am (think coughing).

You can start with Arsenicum if the initial symptoms are violent, consistent sneezing and a persistent chill. A few doses of this remedy in a 30c potency may help thwart a nasty bout of illness!

All of these remedies are available where homeopathics are sold. Follow the dosing instructions on the bottle. In general, if you have not seen a shift by the fourth dose, then the remedy is not a good match. Likewise, if you see major improvement, hold off on giving additional doses unless the symptoms return or progress stalls.

An important note about fevers. Many parents find themselves tethered the thermometer when their child has a fever, and religiously monitor the condition degree by degree. The key? Watch the child, not the numbers. A fever is an appropriate response on behalf of the immune system to activate antibodies and kill off bacteria. By keeping a child well hydrated and using appropriate homeopathic remedies, you can enable this vital healing response. If you see your child become listless and in great pain, disordered breathing or pulse rate, then you can help cool the body gently with cool (not cold) cloths on the hands the feet. Cooling the body too quickly can be a shock to the system. Make sure she stays hydrated.

If you have a homeopath, contact him or her to help you monitor and choose appropriate remedies. Look up natural supports for fevers *ahead of time* so that you aren’t panicking when the time comes and find yourself reverting to the Tylenol. Consider switching to a care provider that is knowledgeable and supportive of a less invasive approach.

These four remedies- aconite, hepar sulph, belladonna, and aresenicum-  when used for the conditions indicated, may bring great relief and help cut the duration of illness and potentially reduce secondary infections. There are many, many homeopathic remedies and if you find that one of these doesn’t give the results you’re looking for, another remedy is indicated. I frequently blog about remedies for acute home use at my blog- www.concentrichealing.blogspot.com. The National Center for Homeopathy is also a fantastic resource for the home prescriber.

It can be scary to see our vibrant little ones under the weather, and as a mother, I can think of no greater peace of mind than knowing *exactly* what I am allowing into my child’s body. With homeopathy, I have no fear of recalls, toxic side effects, or overdosing. Like exercising a muscle, when the immune system ‘gets a workout’ by overcoming an acute illness, it comes out the other end stronger and more resilient. Let’s support, not suppress.


That’s a boatload of information.  Thanks for Kelly and Lora for contributing to this blog.  Homeopathy has changed my life and my family’s wellbeing.  I hope you learn more about it.  Remedies can be found at health food stores, Vitamin World, Mariano’s and Whole Foods.  This post is not sponsored, and is intended for informational and education purposes only.  


To a healthy cold and flu season ahead,


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Homeopathy for Back to School (part 1)

homeopathy for kids, homeopathy for back to school, homeopathic treatment for nerves and anxiety

A few months back, Kelly Callahan, a practicing homeopath out of Maine wrote a guest post for me about treating the flu homeopathically.  I approached her for a back-to-school series and she obliged! This post covers the nerves and jitters portion of back-to-school.  I know Monkey is already pitching a fit about NO BACK TO SCHOOL, so I’m sure this list will come in handy for me next week when Chicago school starts!

This is the first in a two-part series about children, health, and homeopathy.   The follow-up post to this will be about the illness of back to school season treated homeopathically.

Take it away, Kelly!

homeopathy for kids, homeopathy for back to school, homeopathic treatment for nerves and anxiety

I shouldn’t be surprised when the Back to School catalogs arrive in my mailbox in July. They’ve been landing there for years, but each time I think, Wha??!! Already?

Of course, by mid-August I’m ready to get back to routine and rhythm. As parents, we might send our kids off with a little bit of relief, regret, sadness, and excitement. The kiddos, on the other hand, might be feeling a different range of emotions:

nervousness. fear. anxiety. overwhelm. sadness. pressure.

I hope there’s excitement and anticipation, eagerness and hope flowing as well. But for those kids who struggle in the return to the classroom, homeopathy can offer gentle, natural support for making a smooth transition.

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed for an individual and the specific symptoms he or she is exhibiting. I have chosen a handful of common, easily found remedies that have demonstrated results for helping the following symptoms and situations.

Nerves that expand out….
Argentum nitricum (silver nitrate)
Children who may benefit from a dose of argentum nitricum are open and lively, they love to have fun and generally sweet natured. They harbor their fair share of fear and nerves, however. They are concerned with being on time and may be the child who rushes *you*rather than vice versa, because they don’t want to be late! Although they love to shine, they can have stage fright and this may translate into fear of the first day and all the attention and newness of being in a new classroom and meeting a new teacher. This fear is grafted to their fear of failing and making mistakes- also big issues in those first days of school as they learn new routines and expectations.

Argentum nitricum is often given as a constitutional remedy (as in the state of the whole person) but I wouldn’t hesitate to give it in the week leading up to school for the child who fits this description. The remedy may help to take the edge off the anticipatory nerves and help her relax into the transition.

Nerves that withdraw….
Gelsemium (yellow jasmine)
Gelsemium is a go-to remedy for anticipatory anxiety. However, it has a different character than argentum nitricum . Children who need gelsemium will be more quiet, withdrawn, and may even seem unwell physically. It is often used as a flu remedy when deep exhaustion, weakness, and drowsiness are the predominating symptoms. The child will seem weakened by their nervousness and anxiety. He is concerned about exams and performance. He might experience chills, or even spike a fever. Headaches and diarrhea are not uncommon physical accompaniments to this emotional state. A child who needs gelsemium will be more withdrawn and quiet in their nervousness, whereas the child who needs argentum nitricum will be expressive with questions about details and timing and voicing his or her worries and concerns.

Nerves that worry….
Arsenicum album (aresenic)
(remember- it’s only the energy! No material substance remains in the remedy!!!)

Arsenicum album is a true gift to those who suffer from fear and anxiety. This child is worried about health, safety, and danger. If being at school has ever felt unsafe, or she is particularly responsible and consciencious, arsenicum can soothe.
Children who may benefit from arsenicum will be neat and tidy, gathering up their school supplies well in advance, organizing them with great care, and checking them twice. It may even resemble compulsive behavior. They are fastidious about their clothing and can be restless and fidgety. They need reassurance, company, and care. Nighttime may bring out the worst in them, both emotionally and physically. Individuals who need arsenicum tend to be cold and anxiety may bring on diarrhea.

Nerves that arrive the night before or the morning of….
Coffea cruda (coffee)
We’re all familiar with why we drink coffee- to wake us up- and so it may be a surprise to learn that a homeopathic dose of coffee settles the nerves and may allow one to sleep! This is obvious ‘like cures like’ in action: when a substance can cause a set of symptoms in a healthy person, a homeopathic dose can heal those same symptoms in one who is ill.
Now, a child who is over-excited and can’t sleep the night before school is not ill per se, but if these are irregular behaviors and symptoms, then the indication is there for the remedy.

Restlessness, alertness, nervousness… when these elements are at play at night, particularly with an underlying sense of excitement or anticipation, coffea can help soothe and settle the nerves, allowing sleep to come. The agitation, excitement, and restlessness come from an overstimulated nervous system and the child is full of ideas and may talk a blue streak upon lying down to go to bed. A dose or two of this remedy should bring some shut eye. Keep it on hand for those pre-holiday and birthday bedtimes as well…

Aconite (monkshood)
Aconite is a true acute remedy, and one- if I had the wherewithal- I would sew into little hidden pockets of all my clothes, so that I may never be without it. A primo remedy for fear and anxiety, it’s perfect for the kid who has been cool as a cucumber, right up until it’s time to get on the bus. Maybe before the big game, the spelling bee, the auditions, the exams… if it all seemed like no big deal until the moment of… Aconite is your best bet. Likewise, on the backend, if your child comes home from school and is restless and talks of a fire or lockdown drill, or any surprise or fearful event, follow up with a dose of aconite. My daughter *hates* firedrills with a passion- the noise scares the bejesus out of her- and a dose of aconite after these surprise jolts to the system help stave off the impact of frayed nerves to those who are susceptible to such things.

Choosing and using the Remedies
These are only a handful of the possible remedies that may bring about healing and relief. I chose these five because they are well-known, I have used them all myself with my own children and those of my clients with success. I believe they will bring some measure of relief in the majority of children who exhibit the symptoms described.

As you read through the descriptions, you will know if one of them describes your child. Typically, if a child is going to exhibit the jitters before school starts, you’ve seen it before and these behaviors won’t be a surprise to you. If one resonates, give it a try. My dosing instructions are meant for the layperson and will do no harm. If it’s not the right remedy, you likely will not notice any change. It’s like knocking on a door when no one’s home. But if you *do* hit upon a good match- you knock, and someone answers.

All of these remedies can be ordered online, or be found in natural food stores that carry homeopathic remedies. Buy the 30c potency, and start by giving two doses (a dose is three of the little white pellets) within one hour. Then, just wait and see. If you are giving one of the first three remedies (argentum nitricum, arsenicum, or gelsemium) then it will likely be several days before school starts, in which case if your child’s behavior improves, only re-dose if he or she starts to exhibit those behaviors again.
For coffea, give an initial dose (three pellets) and repeat within the hour if needed. If your child settles down, then you’re all set! If the symptoms persist, give up to three doses at 30-minute intervals. If there is no shift then likely this remedy is not for them.
The dosing in similar for aconite, although if your child then hops on the bus or goes to the classroom, just check in with him or her later. They probably won’t even remember they felt bad!

Finally, I want to put in a plug for homeopathy as a treatment option for labels that are typically tagged onto children: ADD, ADHD, dyslexic, etc… There are scores of children who have been helped and moved beyond these labels through homeopathy. By recognizing their individuality and supporting their own innate ability to heal and thrive, homeopathy helps children become the healthy, vibrant, creative souls they are meant to be.

homeopathy final

Please feel free to contact me for more information, and check out my website: www.concentrichealing.com, blog: www.concentrichealing.blogspot.com, and visit me on facebook:www.facebook.com/ConcentricHealing.

Wishing you all a smooth, crisp, and sweet transition into the fall of 2013,

Kelly Callahan, CCH (cand.)


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treating the flu with homeopathy {guest post}

homeopathic remedies for flu; treat the flu homeopathically.tmp6-001
As many of you know, I treat my family with homeopathy first. We’ve cleared up ear infections, flus, rashes, and other ills with homeopathy.  Homeopathy also has helped Moose tremedously with his autism.  Homeopath  Kelly Callahan, offered to write a blog post to introduce homeopathy to you all who are new to it, and give you some background knowledge about treating your families this flu season.  
Take it away, Kelly!

Treating the Flu with Homeopathy

Let’s take a second to assess where we’re at, right smack in the middle of the sick-season:

The flu hype is all over the media.

The flu vaccine is essentially a farce.

Two days ago, Pediatrician Dr. Claire McCarthy stated in her blog, “…no medication is completely safe. … Researchers from Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis looked at medical records of children admitted to the hospital, and found that of those who had kidney damage, a significant number had been taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen or naproxen (Aleve). Some of the kidney damage was serious.” (www.boston.com)

 In 2010, 43 over the counter children and infant’s medicines, including Tylenol, Benedryl and Motrin were recalled.

 Hmmm…. Not so encouraging.

 But what if your child is running a fever, achey, and miserable? He or she is a healthy kid, it’s not the end of the world, but you want to help. You want to offer something to your child that is safe, won’t show up later in the newspapers implicated in long term organ damage and- is it too much to ask- is actually good for them. Does such thing exist??

Yes!! Yes it does! Homeopathic remedies can and do:

–       help ameliorate symptoms such as fever, headache, cough, diarrhea and vomiting

–       act as a preventative, if you have been exposed (certain remedies)

–       support the body’s own innate healing ability, while boosting it at the same time

–       shorten the duration and severity of illness

–       decrease the likelihood of secondary infections such as pneumonia, bronchitis, and sinus infections.


In brief, homeopathy is a 200+ year science that has an incredible track record of success in epidemics, chronic disease, disease prevention and overall health and well-being. Homeopathy originated in Germany with its founder, Samuel Hahnemann, When it spread to the US in the late 1800s and early 1900s it gained notoriety and momentum fast, particularly for its amazing service to those suffering from the epidemics of the time. Conventional measures resulted in a 28% fatality rate in the 1918 Flu Pandemic; homeopaths had a 1.05% fatality rate for the same number of patients (The Logic of Figures, Thomas Lindsley Bradford, MD)

Some people ask- what does it matter what homeopathy did over 100 years ago? We are in a modern medicine age. We have antibiotics,  emergency care, and vaccines.

The holy grail that the government, pharmacies, and media sell us- the flu vaccine- is anything but. An article from mercola.com states, “…the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, Michael T. Osterholm, is questioning the effectiveness of the vaccine. ‘We have overpromoted and overhyped this vaccine, it does not protect as promoted. It’s all a sales job: it’s all public relations’ said Osterholm.” Not to mention the immune suppressive effects, risk of severe allergic reactions, neurological disorders and the documented risk of Guillaine-Barre syndrome (GBS).

As Dr. McCarthy stated, medicines- and I include vaccines- that are available today are risky, plain and simple. They are tested in a narrow band, not on children, but on adults, and the side effects and risks only become evident after many years of already circulating in the population.

A homeopathic remedy will never be recalled.

–       A homeopathic remedy is safe for babies, children of all ages, adults, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems.

–       Homeopathic remedies have no side effects.

–       Homeopathic remedies consist of a single, diluted substance from nature. You know exactly what you are giving.

–       Homeopathic remedies cannot be patented, therefore they are not making any large company any money.

As parent, I want to know what I’m giving my children, and feel 100% confident that it is safe and reliable. Homeopathy delivers that.

The hospital wards of 1918 probably looked a whole lot like the hospitals today- lots of people with high fevers, aching bones, muscles and joints, coughing, with a wicked headache. I treat my patients today with the same remedies that my colleagues in the 1800s were treating their patients with. Remedies like belladonna, bryonia, eupatorium, and rhus tox– to name a few. They were healing people then, and they continue to heal today. No need to nail down a flu strain, no need to patent a new formula. Just follow the body’s symptoms, plain and simple.

That’s the kind of reliability I want in medicine.

So, without further ado, here are a handful of remedies I recommend having on hand for giving the body a helping hand in getting through the flu. Homeopathy is individualized medicine, so you match the symptoms to the patient. One-size-fits all does not apply generally, but again, the flu has a standard set of symptoms, so we tend to work with a small group of remedies and pay special attention to the symptoms that stand out.

homeopathic remedies for flu; treat the flu homeopathically.tmp6-001


Homeopathic Remedies for Flu Symptoms


Ocs. is marketed by Boiron in a white and orange box. I recommend this if you are exposed to those who actively have the illness, and then you feel a bit ‘off.’ Maybe a headache, kind of tired. It comes in convenient single-dose tubes, so take a 2-3 over 6-8 hours. This can often just keep the flu at bay. It did for me, when I was tending to my son and husband. If you know you have the flu, and you are bed-ridden and can’t take the time to figure out a symptom-specific remedy, the Osc. can often help cut the duration of time you’ll be sick.



A go-to remedy for the very early signs of illness. Kids with bright red cheeks, (either both, or one sided), glassy eyes, quick, high dry fever that often peaks in the night. May come with a barking, hoarse, dry cough. This remedy is pre-inflammation. If you have gunk in the lungs, or the nose is running with anything other than clear, watery discharge, then you are past the Aconite stage. This condition often comes on after exposure to a cold, dry wind, after skiing, or sledding for example. But if the symptoms fit, it’s worth a try regardless.



This remedy is for what is coined ‘bone break fever.’ The patient will complain about pains deep in their bones, painful to move. The bone pains will be accompanied by a high dry fever, the eyes may be inflamed and red around the lids. The onset is rapid, that is, the symptoms emerge over the course of a few hours, as opposed to a day or 2. The cough is raw and painful, and it makes the head feel like it will burst. There may be nausea and vomiting and chills.


Bryonia alba

The ‘grumpy bear’ remedy. The person who needs this remedy wants to be alone, no company, and lie still. Any motion makes their symptoms worse. The onset is insidious- that is, it comes on over a day or so (could be less, but in general). They may be thirsty for cold drinks, but have a high dry fever. The cough is painful and dry, and explosive, and they may hold their chest to immobilize it when they cough. Pounding, bursting headache, worse with motion.



Patients who need baptisia are quite ill. They are definitely bed-ridden and exhausted- like falling asleep midsentence. Their condition is usually one of rapid onset, and they may have bad breath, stinky sweat, etc… The face is flushed, dusky red and swallowing is very painful. Liquids are easier than solids. The temp is high, the bed in uncomfortable and they are restless. There may be bad diarrhea and vomiting.



A great remedy for early on, when the chills come on and the person just.can’t.get.warm. They are all bundled up, right next to the heater or fire and still cold. Mentally, they are anxious about their health and have anxiety. They want company and consolation. The discharge from the nose is burning and drippy. Any pains are burning in character, and better with warm drinks. Cough is worse between midnight-2am. Fever is hot, they are sleepless and restless, and there may be gastric irritability.



A great flu remedy and needed often. The onset is slow, like bryonia and the person is what we call ‘drowsy, droopy, and dumb.’ They can’t think straight, they are so tired, they just want to go to bed and lie down. The face is flushed and hot, and though there may be a temperature and overall heat, shivers go up and down the back ‘like a drip of ice water.’ They may have diarrhea, a watery discharge of the nose and violent sneezing. The throat is swollen, and there may be hoarseness and loss of voice.  If there’s a headache, it typically starts in the occiput, just above the neck, and radiates to the forehead. Can be throbbing, or tight in nature.


Antimonium tartaricum

Not a main flu remedy, but for when the initial stage has passed and a remaining cough is very loose and goopy. You can hear rattling in the lungs. This often can freak parents out to hear that. I consider it a positive, productive cough, but it’s good to help move that gunk out. This remedy will often take care of the goopiest of coughs.


General choosing and dosing:

This really is a very small list of remedies, but they are frequently used and though they may not match every case, will often help keep symptoms at bay and bring some comfort.

All are available at a health food store that carries remedies, and in the 30c potency. Choose your remedy based on best overall match. Not every person is going to have every symptom.

Dissolve 2-3 pellets in 4-6 oz. of good water. Give 1 teaspoon every 1.5-2 hours. If you don’t notice any shift after 3 doses, consider a different remedy. Carry on with standard comfort measures- keep warm, hydrated, nourished.

It is very typical in acutes to go through 2-4 remedies; symptoms shift and you shift remedies accordingly. Also, we’re talking about lessening the severity and the duration… instead of being down and out 2 weeks, it’s only a week. Avoiding the secondary infections. Helping the body to do its work. Because Homeopathy assists the body in its own direction of healing, the patient gets all of the immune building benefits of surmounting the illness, without the full force of symptomatic discomfort, as the remedy helps everything along.

I wish you and your family all the benefits of strong immunity this winter season!


Kelly Callahan

Kelly Callahan CCH (cand.) is a classical homeopath with her practice Concentric Healing (www.concentrichealing.com). She treats patients near and far, and offers consultations for chronic issues, as well as a unique call-in program for families interested in trying out homeopathy with guidance.

A mother of 2, she discovered homeopathy shortly after her daughter was born, and has been obsessed every since. They reside in Appleton, Maine.

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Homeopathy for Exhausted and Overwhelmed Mothers: My story

homeopathy sepia constitutional remedy; how homeopathy can help mothers

Maybe you’ve seen the little Boiron blue vials at your local health store or Whole Foods.  Perhaps you’ve heard about someone using Arnica 30C for pain or a a Hyland’s tablet for a baby in teething hell.

Perhaps you think homeopathy is synonymous with “holistic” or “home remedy”.

At one point in time, less than a year ago, I thought it was.

It is NOT a holistic vitamin or a folk remedy.

Homeopathy is not new age.  Homeopathy is a separate medical system that is over 200 years old and used widely in Europe.  

It is a growing force here in the states, with people fed up with suppressing symptoms.  People, like me, who have a child with autism, a true outlier in western medical system.  People, like me, who have been tossed around from specialist to specialist, analyzing body parts without regard to the intricate details of our health histories, our family’s health history, or even our emotional well-being.

I am now 33 years of age, and in the best state of mind and body I have ever been.


By looking in the margins, far away from the legions of doctors I entrusted my health to, only to become worse over time.

In order for you to understand how homeopathy works, first you must know more about my health history…

So, here it is.  I’m hiding nothing.  An open book.

{This is precisely what a first appointment with a homeopath is like: a tell-all 3 hour session}.

My story started with a C-section birth, and chronic ear infection from birth to age 6. I puked at every feeding.  At age 6, I had 30% hearing loss, and it was recommended that I have tubes put in my ears.  I lived on “the pink stuff” {amoxicilin} in my early years.

As a kid, I had reoccuring strep, sinus infections, and was sick from fall until spring.  Around the 6th grade {age 11}, I developed migraine with aura, which I had several times a month until age 30.   Doctors never looked for a reason for my migraines, I was given suppresive meds like Midrin.

When I was 15, I developed mononucleosis.  After that, my energy levels were always a struggle.  I hated gym class.  Running.  Anything physical.  I made a competitive dance team in high school, and had to quit because I was too weak.  Even into my 20s, that fatigue plagued me.  From that point on, I had stomach troubles.  My periods were unbearable.  Doctors put me on “the pill” to reduce my migraines and lighten my horrific cramps.  In hindsight, this made my issues worse.

It was always about suppression of my symptoms, and NOT about finding the root cause.  

In late college and my early to mid 20s, I battled bouts of depression.  Constant UTIs. Yeast.  Now, I know, it was all from the pill and my sugar/gluten/processed food heavy diet.

In my early 20s, I also had several bouts of kidney stones.  At age 23, this woke me up.  I was under tons of stress at the time. I was teaching full time, in grad school full time, making poverty level wages, and living at home while my father was terminally ill.

It was first time I took my diet into account as a precursor to all my issues.  I hired a nutrionist and began researching organic living.

Despite my move to organic, the fatigue, migraines, and low energy continued.  In my last year teaching 2nd grade, I began to lose vision during my migraines.  One morning during my reading class, I looked up and the room was gone.  I was rushed to the ER, because they thought I had a brain aneurysm.  After tons of testing, CATs, and MRIs, the doctors were mystified.

My health was so poor, I left teaching.  I slept constantly, and the migraines were so frequently and strong, that I could not function.

Six months later after leaving teaching, I was pregnant with Moose at age 28.  I was deep into my organic phase, refusing to dye my hair or paint my fingernails in fear of leaching toxins to him.  I ate clean and organic, {despite tons of gluten}.  My migraines were better during my pregnancy.  I felt much better pregnant than I did before.

At 28 weeks pregnant, I received the Rhogham vaccine shot, because I am a negative blood type {which is incredibly rare affecting only 10% of the total population}.  I recall feeling very strange after that shot for a few weeks.

I had a c-section with Moose because he was Frank breech.  The surgery loaded me up with antibiotics.  I recall getting another vaccine in the hospital after Moose was born.  I believe it was the DTap.

I had a good support system during Moose’s newborn phase, but my father passed away when Moose was shy of two months old.  It broke me emotionally for a good period of time.  It was really tough to tackle early motherhood while grieving my father.  Then, when Moose was 6 months old, my grandmother passed away.

My health began to deteriorate because of the grief and stress. My allergies were killer.  My migraines returned with a vengeance.  I kept nursing and being the best mother I could to Moose through it all.

I became pregnant with Sir Monkey when Moose was a little over a year old, just as Moose self-weaned from nursing. The pregnancy was easy.  Again, Rhogham shot.  Another C-section after a valiant effort at a VBAC. More antibiotics.

A few months after Monkey was born, just around October 2009, I noticed changes in Moose.  He wasn’t responding to his name.  He stopped pointing and labeling body parts and objects.  He stopped asking “What’s this?” “What’s that?”.  I thought he was going deaf.  {Which was a valid concern, because I have two grandparents who were deaf.  My grandmother  lost her hearing at age 12 after meningitis}.

My stress level began to skyrocket again, because I knew it was autism.  I was angry because I saw my son deteriorate.  Not a doctor could explain the sudden onset of chronic diarrhea. No one in Early Intervention would call the snake by its name, but my mama gut and teacher brain knew what had happened.

I went into full on warrior mode, mama lion on the war path: studying and learning all I could deep into the night.

It took a toll on my heath.  I stopped digesting all my food.  Diarrhea was constant.  I couldn’t eat anything. I tested allergic to everything: gluten, dairy, soy, corn, rice, egg, and pretty much air and water.

My body was covered in hives and shutting down.  I was irritable, scared, but worst of all, a shadow of myself.

It was like God was just piling it on: the deaths, the grief, the pain.  Just as I became to overcome the grief, he tossed autism on top of that sandcastle, and my health came crashing down.

Just as we began to seek out holistic doctors for Moose, I made appointments for myself too.  I changed my diet kicking the inflammatories of gluten and dairy out.  I loaded up on supplements.  I was determined to get my health back alongside my son’s.

It was night and day how I felt by the diet change alone.  It was like 20 years of my life was a deep fog. Despite being rather smart in school, I always struggled with organization.  I began to think more clearly.

After three months being GFCF, I realized I had not a single migraine.  After a year, the trend continued.  After three years, they are so infrequent and manageable, I can truly say that my “migraneur” condition is a memory.

The Best is Yet to Come…

Moose and I began seeing our homeopathy in the summer of 2012.  Moose is completing a specific homeopathic program called CEASE therapy.

I, on the other hand, felt moody and withdrawn.  Exhausting from three years of battling insurance, fighting my son’s GI issues and autism, and just general ennui.  My low energy levels returned, and I was falling asleep again in the afternoons.  I felt like a raging case of PMS all the time.

My homeopath suggested that we look back into my health history.

Once I relayed my history to Lora, my homeopath, she suggested we start with Sepia, which is a known remedy for the exhausted, forlorn, mother irritable with her family, and wishing to just be alone away from it all.  Unlike many, sepia is my “constitution”, in homeopathy, meaning that it is the basis of who I am and my health.  For many it’s a state of being, but for me, it is my make-up, which is pretty rare.

Within a few days on the Sepia remedy, I felt even again.  The PMS was replaced with puppy dogs and rainbows, but the fatigue continued.

Lora, then suggested, that we clear the Epstein Barr virus, which is what caused my mono and chronic fatigue back at age 15.  It took two months to detox that virus out, but at the end of the detox {which wasn’t pretty by the way}.  I felt energized.  More alive.  Not passing out on the couch while the boys watched their afternoon PBS cartoons.

I’m on a low dose of Sepia 12C everyday now, just for maintenance.  I have never felt better in my life.

What I love about homeopathy, is that it looks deeper into the causation of illness.  Deeper at the health history.  Homeopaths choose remedies closest to your symptoms, rather than merely suppressing them.

If you are struggling with any health concerns at all, I implore you to look into homeopathy.  I’ve tried everything to help my family, and I can’t believe how much this type of medicine has helped my son and me.

Homeopathy is more powerful than diets and supplements.  


It addresses the root causes of illness.  It doesn’t just pile on bandaids and suppress.  It allows your body to heal itself, which after all, is what it was designed to do.

I plan to write more at length about it to help everyone who comes across this blog.

To your health,



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on homeopathy & autism: the truth is in the margins

homeopathy and autism

Autism is big business.  Whether it’s the $160/hr for therapy, the countless vitamins, minerals, enzymes, or the out-of-pocket lab tests and doc visits, we’ve done it all in the past three years for Moose. I have the credit card bill to prove it.

Despite all the inteventions, energy, and time, something still nagged at me.

I knew Moose’s healing required something deeper. I found myself lagging on supplements and lab tests late this past spring. Something seemed off.  Like we were close to an answer, but I couldn’t quite make it out.

Homeopathy was mentioned to me in whispers, but it always seemed in the periphery.  Something that I’d think about later.

After reading two books, The Impossible Cure and CEASE Therapy, the direction we would take next became clear.

I didn’t feel ready to discuss homeopathy on this blog, until I tried it myself for my own health issues, and had Moose on the protocol for a few months.

My God, the changes since we began homeopathy in June, have been nothing sort of a miracle.

For me {I’ll write about that soon}, and for Moose.

For years, we struggled with diarrhea, since his 2nd birthday.  We’ve visited every specialist and doctor imaginable.  Within weeks of starting homeopathy, said diarrhea is GONE.

Comorbid with the bowel issues, Moose had major trouble falling asleep at night: running, jumping, and yelping for up to two hours after lights went out.  After our current clearing hit the second week {which is homeopathic terminology for treatment}, the errratic nighttime behaviors have left the estate, people.

The kid is in his bed, usually asleep within 15 minutes.

That alone, is a testament, to homeopathy.

Again, this is NOT a coincidence.

Coupled with this, is the ability to follow directions again, just like when he was before he developed autism.  When I tell him to get his shoes, place his dish in the sink, come in and eat…he listens.

Again, this is NOT a coincidence.

Homeopathy is not widely known in the U.S., but has been used for over 200 years throughout Europe.  Rather than suppressing symptoms like pharmaceuticals, it heals the body gently while addressing the underlying cause.

Imagine, if you will, doctors finding the cause of what ails you, rather than piling on the band-aids.

For the past three years, I’ve had this mantra in my head, “The Cure is in The Cause”.

Now, to address the many causes…

Homeopathy has taught me that it wasn’t one shot that led Moose to autism: it’s a multifaceted assault that began long before his birth: with my health: all of my migraine medications, my pharmaceutical history.  What  happened at his birth, with a heavily medicated C-section delivery.  Then the chronic ear infections. The excessive vaccines. Living in polluted Chicago. The inflammatory American diet.  The incessant antibiotics.  The copious amounts of Baby Motrin and Tylenol.  Even, the emotional impact of my father’s death when he was a newborn contributed to his autism.  Emotional, physical, environmental, pharmaceutical, and mental stressors all matter.

This is precisely why, “a cure” for autism can’t be found.  There are too many causes.  All autisms are different, because all of our medical and family histories are different.  Treatment needs to be tailored to the individual.

By age 2, the cup runneth over, so to speak, and Moose lost skills, language, and the ability to point and wave.

Now, at age 5, the Moose is on his way back.  He’s made more progress on four months of homeopathy than he did on three years of pricey supplements and the DAN! {Defeat Autism Now}route.

Our homeopath, Lora Roberts, is one of the few homeopaths in the U.S. who is trained in a special homeopathy for autism known as CEASE therapy.  She has been the most intuituve practioner I’ve encountered on our autism journey.  We’re blessed to have her on Team Moose.

Many families have seen progress and recovery with the DAN! route.

Our story is different.

And I know, in the deepest parts of my being, that finally, there will be a happy ending.


Sharing my infinite wisdom {wink!} @ Butter Believer 


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