Confessions of a Recovered Junk Foodie

confessions of a recovered junk foodie

I often joke that I was raised on four food groups: gluten, dairy, sugar, and antibiotics. Antibiotics should actually be second in that list, because I was SICK all the time. I want to give a bit of my history here, because given a few new projects I am embarking on, I need to come clean. For the first 30 years of my life, I ate absolute … [Read more...]

New Food Allergies: Corn and Tomato Leave the Estate

kids and food allergies- corn, gluten, tomatoe, and pineapple

Just when you think you have this whole diet thing under control for your kids-they develop new food allergies!  Monkey can no longer tolerate corn.  Of course, we buy "good corn" (I'm sure my paleo readers will battle with this one)-organic and non-GMO.  I will not get into detail of the hell we have been through the past two weeks, but it's … [Read more...]

10,000 Steps a Day: A Solution for Gym Haters

police walk

I have a confession to make.  I hate "working out".  I really hate "the gym"- which is ironic that I am married to a man who lives at the gym.  I am amazed by people who have energy to run marathons and play sports.  I did whatever I could, even as far back as elementary school, to get out of gym class.  Sports, meh, not my thing.   I've … [Read more...]

Ray Peat’s Raw Carrot Salad Recipe: Anti-Estrogen and Vital to Women’s Health

Once I hit 33 last year, some funky female stuff starting happening. Breakouts in the facial regions that show estrogen dominance (side of cheeks, hairline), sore boobs to the point that I visited my OB... you get the idea. It's funny how the human body works. If you take artificial hormones of any kind (I sure as hell DON'T given my history of … [Read more...]

Step Away from the Drive-Thru… (free printable)

I made this printable ages ago, in hopes of inspiring you all to make changes in your diets and lifestyles.  I never posted it.  If you want to make a lifestyle change, this is where I suggest you start. Pretend the drive-thru doesn't exist. It's healthy for your body and your pocketbook. Simply drag to your desktop and … [Read more...]

Why I Started Eating Dairy Again

reintroducing dairy into your diet

I've been having an affair. With dairy. For those of you who are new to the blog, we (my sons and I) went GFCFSF about three years ago and consequently, kicked dairy to the curb. After a few years "off the hooch", you may find me eating a stick of butter on occasion. It started rather innocuosly, about a year ago.  I started making … [Read more...]

skeletons in my health closet: migraines, MTHFR-gene, and 20 years lost

Last week, I was given a diagnosis by my ob/gyn that has forever changed my life.  I was in Target with the boys, school supply shopping.  My phone started buzzing in my purse, and it was one of those moments where the number looked familiar, but I was too busy making the kids laugh wearing this stupid Hulk mask. ("selfie" taken moments … [Read more...]

the all-you-can eat pizza and ice cream diet. no joke.

As an autism mom, we've been on every "diet" known to man.  We've dabbled in raw.  Dairy-free.  Gluten-free {we still are}.  Green smoothies to alkalize.  GAPS. SCD.  Paleo. Basically, we'd eat sawdust and mud if it meant Moose would improve.  Deep down, I missed eating food for pleasure. I detested that every meal and grocery trip  was … [Read more...]

Quitting coffee: Why Mama doesn’t need coffee anymore

why i quit coffee-001

I've given up gluten. Soda. Cigarettes.  More than one drink while going out.   At one point, I stopped eating all dairy, eggs, soy, corn, and other allergenic foods.  But one mainstay, gave me hope.  The one consistent love I developed while waiting tables at a pie shoppe back in high school: Coffee. I grew up in a house where my father … [Read more...]

Homeopathy for Exhausted and Overwhelmed Mothers: My story

homeopathy sepia constitutional remedy; how homeopathy can help mothers

Maybe you've seen the little Boiron blue vials at your local health store or Whole Foods.  Perhaps you've heard about someone using Arnica 30C for pain or a a Hyland's tablet for a baby in teething hell. Perhaps you think homeopathy is synonymous with "holistic" or "home remedy". At one point in time, less than a year ago, I thought it … [Read more...]