How to Clean Microfiber Sofas: A Cautionary Tale

how to clean microfiber

Age the age of 23, still young and clueless, and clearly in a red phase, I bought not one but two red microfiber sofas. Picasso had a blue phase, right?  I had a red phase with leopard pillows.  It was like Guns and Roses circa 1987 up in here. Things like children and pets were not on my radar at that point, but dinner parties and drunken … [Read more...]

how to paint tile grout {and slay more energy vampires©}

Our home is so old, it would be on Medicare and Social Security.  Despite our 1938 Colonial's many charming features like original stain glass windows in our dining room, and doorknobs Anthropologie would sell for $200... There are many signs of wear and tear.  The ugliest energy vampire© {wink}  being our original tile in the main … [Read more...]

DIY Honey Lemon Lip Scrub

diy lip sugar scrub

Here in Chicago, winter hasn't gotten the message that spring has arrived.  With 30 degree temperatures still lingering, my skin has seen better days.  I'm sure this winter has given you dry lips, right?  I've grown tired of spending boatloads of money on beauty products containing questionable chemicals. If you have never heard of the … [Read more...]

Organizing Leftovers {with free printable}

wasted leftovers

Over the weekend, I read an article in the Chicago Tribune that mentioned Americans toss roughly 25% of their fridge contents each week. The article also mentioned that the average American family with two school-aged children spends $235/week on food. That's a lot of wasted cash. Given how much we cook here at the estate, I'm guilty as … [Read more...]

Greatest Hits of 2012: Projects/DIY

Nicolette Lennert of momnivore's dilemma and the classroom creative

Here's my a few of my favorite projects in 2012: My website at The Classroom Creative, which debuted in May, was by far the biggest project in 2012.  My creative to-do list was much shorter than usual, because of the hours Karen and I spent creating that massive education site.  I will make up for lost time in 2013.   Here's my … [Read more...]

Kidproof your wall art and frames {pinned it, did it, and now have to redo it}

I swear to you, I live in a frat house.All that's missing is beer bottles and pizza boxes.Once upon a time, that corpse of a frame housed my beloved meal planning system:It was so pretty to look at and functional.  It made my life easier.  Yes, I planned breakfast, lunch, and dinner for sometime. I saw all of those pretties on pinterest and made … [Read more...]

DIY Outdoor Chalkboard Tutorial

Late last summer, my youngest son broke his crib.  I'll spare you the details. Let it suffice that he lives up to costume. From his wild antics sprung a few DIY projects.  Being the green mama I am, I had to find other uses for the aftermath of the crib . You would never guess that this chalkboard was once a crib support, … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Craft: Love Letters & Beaded Heart Tutorial

{reposted from last year}Believe it or not, this entire project cost me less than a gallon of $3.60 gas here in Chicago.Less than $2.-gift boxes {yup I ask for them whenever I go shopping}-Free-magenta colored Christmas picks {70% off at Michaels}-29 cents on sale-damask fabric that I scored for $1.20/yard at Joann's Black Friday sale- {used a half … [Read more...]

Magnetic Make-up Board Tutorial


It's time to take my vanity more seriously.  As a SAHM/blogger/tutor, I can get away with yoga pants and crusty tees all week.  In truth: 1.) Most of my make-up is older than my children.  I know, I know, I will probably get a fungal infection and die {or if the ingredients in these products won't kill me first!}. 2.)  I usually toss said … [Read more...]

Tabletop Christmas Tree Craft

tabletop christmas tree craft pearls

My hands are covered with burns from the hot glue gun, but it's time to showoff: Doesn't it look store-bought?  I saw a similiar one at a store for $40, and I knew I could do it for much cheaper. So while wandering the aisles of Michael's this evening...I stumbled across these little beauties in the holiday section. A mere 50 cents a bunch … [Read more...]