3 year old + bubbles + MacBook Pro={an early holiday}


Hello all- I took some quiet to reflect on recent events, and just when I was about to post: Monkey dumped bubbles on my MacBook.  Not good.  In the grand scheme of things, it's replaceable.  Despite a long time out and a laptop sitting in a sensory bin of rice leftover from Moose's EI days, things aren't looking good. So, all things … [Read more...]

Pearl Wreath Tutorial

winter wreath ideas, wedding wreath ideas, pearl wreath

In the early days of this blog, a little table top tree I made back in the winter of 2010 went "viral" on some new fangled site called Pinterest. That made this newbie blogger happy back then.  Since that time, my lovely 3 year old child mistook said tree for a "birthday hat", and the tree is no longer with us. That was a long time-out for the … [Read more...]

Free Printable Christmas Shopping and To-Do Lists

free Christmas shopping list printable momnivore's dilemma-001

Hello, dear readers! Here's a few free printables to help organize your Christmas chaos.  Just right click, save to your computer, and resize to your liking:    For the kids in my family alone, I need two sheets!   And, the never-ending to-do list: Hope this helps you this holiday season, Nicolette For more caustic … [Read more...]