Things I Learned on my Summer Vacation…

autism and play

Tongue in cheek of course. It's that proverbial crap back to school essay.  This summer has been a challenge.  I decided it was best to stop writing for a bit.  To see if I missed it. Sometimes you need to step away from what you love to really appreciate it. It's this space that I love.  The quiet glow of the screen.  The looking back … [Read more...]

Changes and New Directions…

Hello, dear readers. It's been a few years since I started this here site, and over the course of those years, I've learned a lot about the interwebs and blogging.  It's been an incredible experience sharing our journey with you.  I know my words and stories have helped countless families dealing with autism and gluten-free, and by no means, … [Read more...]

Haters Gonna Hate: On Martha Stewart & Bloggers

Martha Stewart and Bloggers

So, the blogging world just got slapped in the face by the venerable Martha Stewart.  To quote her from the Bloomberg Interview: "Who are these bloggers? They’re not trained editors at Vogue magazine. I mean, there are bloggers writing recipes that aren’t tested, that aren’t necessarily very good, or are copies of everything that really … [Read more...]

31 Days of Project Graveyard

Last year, I committed to writing for Nester's 31 days.  By mid-month, I was exhausted about writing about Halloween. Writing 31 days straight about anything, is well, a lot.  Especially, now given my new early bird status and this work-from-home gig. Frankly, I've neglected this blog, as I have been up to my eyes over at The Classroom … [Read more...]

3 year old + bubbles + MacBook Pro={an early holiday}


Hello all- I took some quiet to reflect on recent events, and just when I was about to post: Monkey dumped bubbles on my MacBook.  Not good.  In the grand scheme of things, it's replaceable.  Despite a long time out and a laptop sitting in a sensory bin of rice leftover from Moose's EI days, things aren't looking good. So, all things … [Read more...]

Switching from Blogger to WordPress- The Why & How


Last month, I bought myself a birthday present.  I switched from the Google monster of Blogger to a self-hosted Wordpress. For the past year, I knew if I wanted to take my blogging to the next level, I had to move.  If you are a hobby blogger, fine.  Stay put.  Blogger is like that ex-boyfriend in high school whom you kind of liked.  Dating … [Read more...]

Creative Blog Business Card Ideas


    I collect blog and creative business cards much like I did Garbage Pail Kids in the late 80s.  On Pinterest, I recently made a board dedicated to creative and handmade business cards. Unlike their stuffy corporate counterparts, blogland and creative businesses takes themselves far less seriously. There were a few cards from the … [Read more...]

Blog Conference Tips: From Bloggy Boot Camp-Chicago

new to blog conferences, tips for blog conference

This past weekend, my business partner Karen from The Classroom Creative and I spent the weekend at the Bloggy Bootcamp in downtown Chicago. Now, I've been to two SITS conferences {and I am not new to the conference circuit by any means, because as a teacher, you live at them}. I'm officially addicted. If you can't pony up the couple of … [Read more...]

Tips and Ideas for Good Blog Design

First, before the tips, let's look at two blogs who have very different landing pages and headers, but who really think of their audience first.Before we get started here's a glossary of terms for those of you who are totally new.Above the Fold: The first 768 pixels of your site.  The landing page your readers see WITHOUT having to scroll down. … [Read more...]

when my blog grows up…

she will get knocked up by a wild ideaan idea that will make every teacher, therapist, daycare provider, mother, father, homeschooling parent, and educator slap their foreheads and mutter to themselves, "why didn't i think of that?"here's the ultrasound picture:doesn't she look just like me?this site's due date is april 2012.i am planning on a … [Read more...]