of health and healing

As a part of healing the Moose, myself, and preventing issues for Monkey, we are following what is as “biomedical protocol”.  Which sounds intimidating, expensive, and technical.

But, I assure you, it works.  Moosey is on “the spectrum” somewhere and I do have a history of migraine headaches and stomach issues.  This protocol, which I have outlined below in a tutorial format,  has helped my family tremendously.

If you have migraines or any gastro issues, please look into talking with your doctor about starting a wellness regime.  The cure is in the cause.  Find out why you are having these issues.

*note: most western md’s don’t know jack about this.  Find a holistic doc or naturopath to work with alongside your traditional western doctor.

We’ve taken this course slowly.  Here’s what our diet of supplements looks like on a daily basis. *I was in no way compensated for disclosing what brands we use.

After trying a boatload of brands, the one I currently can vouch for is Symbion Probiotic.   It stopped my gut issues after a summer of hell in 2010, and cured Moose of his chronic diarrhea after a few rounds of good old penicillin.

I take one a day, Moose takes a 1/2 cap a day, and Monkey a 1/2 cap every other day.

Digestive Enzymes
This really deserves an entire post.  Really, an entire blog.  Coming soon here. Promise.  But, I swear by Houston Nutraceuticals Digestive Enzymes with DPPIV activity.  It breaks down gluten and casein {the proteins in wheat and dairy}.   Moose’s poops are night and day different if I take those away.

Since taking enzymes, all of my vitamin and mineral levels are restored per my most recent blood work.  I no longer have magnesium, iron, and vitamin D issues!

Moose takes one after every meal.  Monkey once a day.  I take two after every meal.

Vitamin D3
Given that Chicago winters leave 90% of us vitamin D deficient, I start the day with Carlson’s drops for the boys and me.  4000 IU for me.  Between 400-800 IU for them.

Fish Oil  
We were on Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil for the past ten months, but I recently switched to Barlean’s cod and salmon fish oil: 2 tsp for me, 1 tsp for Moose, and 1/2 tsp for Monkey.  The kids love it and literally lick every drop off the spoon.

Multivitamins and Calcium
We take the run of the mill Lil Critters multi and calcium supplements.  Until Uncle Sam graces us with a check.  Then I’ll bump it up to something fancy.

B12 shots
Moose only.  They are compounded shots from Pure Compounding Pharmacy all the way out in Naperville, Illinois.  A good ride from here in Chicago.  Pure is affliated with the mavericks over at True Health, an amazing DAN! [Defeat Autism Now} practice headed by Dr. Anju Usman.

Moose receives one shot every three days from Nurse Mama.  Mama would love me some B12 cause I could use more energy keeping up with these kids.


In addition to the supplement regime, we follow a strict gluten, casein, and soy-free diet.  It’s expensive, difficult, and time-consuming, but worth it.  Any child on “the spectrum” be it autism, ADD, ADHD, and sensory processing should try a trial of this diet for at least six months.  But, only after, being test for celiac’s disease.  You cannot get a positive celiac’s test while already on a gluten-free diet.  Celiac’s disease is underdiagnosed in this country, with only 3% of celiacs aware of their condition.

That’s 97% of people afflicted with Celiac’s Disease totally in the dark about the cause of all their issues.
Many spectrum kids turn out to be undiagnosed celiacs.  Just saying.

We saw major improvements in Moose after the diet.  For me?  My chronic migraines of 20 years vanished.  Coincidence, I think not.

{aka…the American Poison}

Focus on Raw-High Raw food incorporation

I push as much raw green veggies as I can hide in my kids’ diets.  It decreases carb and sugar cravings and helps with detox of crap in our environment {we are in Chicago, one of the most polluted cities after all}.  See my green smoothie post here.

Yes, it’s expensive.  Yes, I forget supplements some time.  No, I never imagined motherhood would be this challenging.   I thought it be all bedtime stories and rainbows.

Sometimes I wish I was the mom who could hit the drive-thru and pop frozen waffles in the toaster.

Every label is scruntized.  Every meal is prepared from scratch.

“Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food”-Hippocrates

I am worth it.

My kids are worth it.

There’s no where to go from here, but up.

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of speech delays and western medicine

Moose does not have a label, but at 2.5, we began pursuing holistic and nutritional therapies to treat his developmental and speech delays after running into the western medicine brick wall.

My regular pediatrician couldn’t explain Moose’s regression between 18-24 months.
Of course, vaccinations get the bad rep.  Which, I do think is partially to blame in our case.  But the more I’ve learned about autism and developmental delays in general, there are many more factors at play then just vaccines.

After antibiotic treatment, Moose had severe diarrhea for months which lead us to the “premiere” pediatric GI department at University of Chicago.   I could have charged myself $500 for that one.  What a colossal waste of time.

The brain-gut connection is paramount.  If your stomach is messed up, so is your brain.  Walk into any frat house on a Friday night and tell me different.  Food and medicine affects our bodies just as readily as alcohol does.

When Moose’s stomach was messed up from April until September, he made very little progress.  Enter Dr. Hope.  He worked with us on probiotics and enzymes until we found a combination that worked with Moose.

Diarrhea, gone.

Gluten and casein are the two major enemies of kids on the spectrum. Moose would only eat bread and yogurt before I knew about the effects those food groups were having on him.  Basically, undigested peptides in those food groups are like crack to kids.

Our one year anniversary on the GFCF diet quickly approaches.

In our case, I think Moose’s delays were caused by a combination of enzyme deficiency to the gluten and casein proteins in dairy and wheat, yeast overgrowth, vaccine reaction, and gut destruction from two courses of back-to-back antibiotics in the spring of 2010.

Dear readers, there is hope.  In motherhood, something I never dreamed of doing was this.  Giving my son a shot in his butt every three days.

B12 therapy is working.  Moose said his name for the first time today.  {His real name, not his nickname}.   I heard Nana Magic singing to him, and he substituted his name in the Happy Birthday song.

Since we started tjhe B12 shots a week and a half ago, Moose is substituting words in nursery rhymes, following directions more closely, and even requesting “milk” {which of course is the non-dairy variety is this house}.

If anyone you love has a child that is showing signs of autism and developmental delays, please pass my blog onto them.  Tell them to find a DAN! doctor in their area.  Western medicine’s only “cure” at this point is therapy, but truly, we need to look deep into our kitchens and our guts to find the cure to this devastating problem.

According to Dr. Kenneth Bock, 1 out of every 2 American children will suffer from autism, ADD-ADHD, allergies, or asthma.    That’s half of our nation’s children.  This is an epidemic that needs all brains on deck.

When I was teaching here in Chicago, I saw hundreds of children afflicted with those disorders.
I saw special education as the only answer back then.  Boy, was I wrong.

Have you seen the sorry state of school lunches? Filled with gluten and casein and fried CRAP.  Fruits and veggies?  Yeah.  If you count fries as a veggie serving.

These problems are treatable with nutrition and supplements.

There is hope.

Each day we grow closer to hearing our son talk and seeing him interact with others.


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against the grain

Wheat, that is. I am beginning to doubt how “good” whole grains are for you.

I started following Moose’s GFCF diet for the following reasons:

1.) I didn’t want to have him crying and begging for bread and yogurt.  After all, we do eat three meals and two snacks a day together.  He is known to pirate food off other people’s plates.

2.) I wanted to support him.

3.) I was curious to see how I would react to the diet, given my history of migraines.

Here’s the changes I’ve noticed since starting the GFCF diet

1.) Clearer thinking
2.) Improved cellulite and breakouts
3.) Improved energy
4.) I lost all my remaining baby weight and am no longer bloated.

This past 4th of July weekend…I indulged in some pasta and sub sandwiches…which resulted in:
-a full-blown migraine
-the danger (aka poop explosions)
-feeling completely hungover like I drank the whole bar, despite the fact I didn’t drink

So, if you in the past have felt like ass, had migraines, sinus…I double dog dare you to give this a whirl.  It may cost you the price of a cute pair of shoes to do it, but you will see it’s not so bad…

Why try the GFCF challenge? Most people can’t tolerate wheat and dairy.  We, as a culture, are innundated with advertising for wheat and dairy based products.  These products cause inflammation.  Inflammation causes disease and fat asses.

What really disturbed the hell out of me was the addictive properties of these foods. Gluten and casein proteins create an opiate effect on the brain.  That’s why we feel so warm and relaxed after a bowl of ice cream or a pizza.  That’s way the aisles of Target and Jewel are filled with wheat and dairy.  They know you want it.

That’s exactly why newborns pass out at the teet when breastfeeding.  It’s the opiate property in human milk. That’s why when I tell people about the diet, they often reply, “Oh, I could never do that, because I love (_______)*usually cheese, bread, ice cream, milk, etc.

GFCF has been used by tens of thousands of families to help their children with ADHD, Autism, developmental delays, etc.  According to my pediatrician, there are no “peer-to-peer” reviewed studies of this diet.

I have little faith there will be a study done.  After all, no big pharm will profit from a fundamental change in diet.

I will take anecdotal evidence in my own life and Moose’s as evidence enough…

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