the boys’ room inspiration board from simcoe street {and progress}

you may recall that my boys’ room still feels like a nursery.  and it’s seen better days.

in early february, jenny @ simcoe street created this amazing mood board for me:

please visit the post to see the mega-master list of ideas she has for our space.  i love the colors and textures she chose. her attention to detail from our discussions regarding the room is apparent in her post.

she also had the idea of a gallery wall within the room: that i will use to house the boys’ morning routine boards.

simcoe street is brimming with amazing posts, and jenny’s pinterest boards are jaw-droppingly good.

now onto the execution of said mood board:

my dear husband got to work on the big boy beds late last month, inspired by the west elm chunky beds.

we initially intended on simply buying them, but when he saw how easy they were to make, he busted out the table saw, and got to work with his dad on the two beds.

they are solid, and totally indestructible.  he used ana-white’s tutorial as a jumping off point, but given the wild and rowdy nature of our kids, made a few changes that i will share with you soon.

they really were much cheaper than the west elm version.

the beds still need another coat of paint, but they are already in operation.

the new big boy beds took up far more space than we anticipated, so some of the elements from jenny’s mood board have to be scrapped: like the table and chairs.  there just isn’t the space, unfortunately.

i adore the idea of the rolling toy/book cart, which is genius because the boys’ room is often used for time out.  and in time out, all fun is removed.  that usually consists of me kicking baskets of toys into the hallway.

the play-on-wheels idea is genius.  rolling the fun away when time-outs occur.  love it.

the next step: paint.  i’ll be going with the blue that jenny chose for us.

but i also have something BIG planned for the main wall that my boys will adore.  i hope to get that room painted asap, but the husband is working 80+hours a week at the moment, so my energy is taxed between coding galore for the new site.

and getting the big boy room finished.

i am the resident painter, as the hubs HATES painting.

off to lower’s to buy some paint tomorrow.

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  1. Isn’t Jenny the sweetest? She helped me get over a few hurdles in a room I was {still am} working on and break through some of my self-defeating / self-limiting thinking.

    Clearly she has an insider’s touch when it comes to boy’s bedrooms 🙂 I too love the play-on-wheels idea (rolling the fun away when time-outs occur) and the flexibility it offers for different play zones in the future (roll to play area, roll to put away) appeals to me as well.

    Your hubby looks so devoted and earnest working on his project for his family, and how sweet is that little angel asleep in his bed.


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