autism and iPads: revolutionizing communication for special needs kids

With tears in my eyes I write this post, because we received a gift  for my son, from an anonymous benefactor, that is going to improve the quality of his life.

I’m sure Steve Jobs and the brilliance that is apple didn’t realize the profound effect that iPads have on kids with autism, but nevertheless, research shows that these iPads are giving children with autism a voice.

iPads are outlet for learning that matches autistic children’s picture-oriented way of thinking, like lecturer and autistic visionary Temple Grandin outlines in her book: Thinking in Pictures.

Moose’s anonymous benefactor looked on with pure joy as he interacted with the pictures on the iPad at the apple store.

For the first time in a long time, Moose used his words to label the pictures on the game he played.

Sure the words were “doughnut”, “cookie”, “candy”, “cupcake”, and “pie”, but hey.  It’s progress.

I am smitten.

As we left the apple store, my usual hard-core self shed a tear, because I really believe that this iPad is going to help my son overcome the language challenges that autism gave him.

Anonymous benefactor, thank you for your help.  If Moose could thank you, I know he would.

Over the next few months, I promise to share the apps and progress Moose makes with his iPad.  I wish all children with autism could be granted this amazing piece of technology.  It should be mandated by the government when a child is diagnosed: free iPad!

If I ever make big bucks from blogging and writing, I hope to help families pay for therapy, iPads, and supplements.

A mama can dream, and dream big…

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  1. I have been reading a lot about iPads and autism, and agree that it is amazing. It would be great if this was available to all kids who could benefit, as you said. Looking forward to hearing more about Moose’s progress!

    Also, thanks for your sweet comment. I know you were probably kidding, but if you ever want ideas for your boys rooms/a mood board/whatever, I love to do that stuff for fun for others so just say the word! xo


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