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Oh, hello.  Glad you’ve stumbled upon this here site. Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs.  I’m Nicolette from the city by the lake, Chicago.  Born and bred.  I have a very heavy Chicago accent.

I began momnivore’s dilemma back in my early days of my motherhood, in the winter of 2010.  Back when the boys were 2ish and 6 months old.   For those of you who read the food writer Michael Pollan, you’ll understand the name of the blog…

Motherhood brings about a series of dilemmas. I don’t mean dilemma in a negative way.  For me, a dilemma is a choice you truly consider and weigh options.

For me, the major dilemma was about the food I was feeding my children.  My daydreams of what motherhood would be like, versus the sticky reality of day to day.  Once autism hit in fall of 2009 for Moose, I was faced with how we would best help him.  A major dilemma now for me is trying to balance work, life, marriage, friends, kids, and still finding the time to brush my hair.

Beginning 2014, momnivore’s dilemma is narrowing it’s focus:

  • motherhood  {special needs parenting, our autism journey}
  • health {alternative medicine, gluten-free, real food, wellness, natural beauty, hippie stuff}

As of Jan 2014, I’m moving any creative projects to my new blog that I set-up myself (insert golf clap here)...ink & sky!

  • my creative releases {crafts, DIY, working on my home, art, organizing}

I don’t watch much television, that’s how I do it all.

Before blogging and motherhood, I taught in Chicago schools for a good number of years. In addition to running this site and my newborn ink & sky, I also co-founded, edit, and run The Classroom Creative with my friend Karen {an enormous education, craft, and ideas site for teachers/parents with kids preschool through 2nd grade}.  I miss teaching immensely, so I feel incredibly blessed that I now help stressed-out teachers and homeschoolers.  That little blog is doing well, and I’m grateful for every dollar I make.


theclassroomcreative.com, the classroom creative

Prior to that overpriced masters in education , I worked as a college marketing rep for Sony Music and Universal Music many moons ago.  I mean many. I’m getting old. This may or may not be before Napster.  I miss the free concert tickets.


Want to know more of my goals?

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