a tale of two brothers and a mom who may have cried while washing dishes tonight

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So, yeah.  Something profound happened this evening.

I mean, far more profound than that time Moose walked in the grocery store without tantrums or a fight.  Far more profound than his first sentence.

Let me back up first.

So, this kid goes and graduates kindergarten this afternoon.  To celebrate far away from the hellish sensory overload “reception” smashed with 500 other kindergarten families in the gym (no thanks)-we took Moose to his favorite place on earth: the grocery store: Whole Paycheck.  A treat from his beloved nana if you will.  My mom also spied a kickball on an endcap and of course, had to buy the frog kickball, because that’s what Nana Magic does.  She sprinkles fairy dust and spoils them.  She swoops in when I’m exhausted and bitchy and makes everything perfect.

So, back to this kickball.

It is the catalyst for the good to come.

Had you been on my block this evening, you may have heard me screaming and cheerleading and acting like a wild woman.  Because Moose played tonight.  Without ABA prompts.  Without therapists.

He played catch with me.  With that kickball.  Overhead throwing.  Looking me in the eye.  Laughing and playing catch with his mom.  Then, Monkey, in normal younger brother fashion, gets jealous, and we switch gears to real kickball.  And Moose shows interest.

He kicked the ball back and forth with his brother.  In my front room.  You know.  Just two brothers playing.  They could have broken every damn window and lamp and I would have cared less.

It was the most magical thing I have ever seen.

Ever.  In the history of ever.

So, armed with new hope and reenergized with possibility, we are graduating from more than just kindergarten this evening.

autism and play momnivores-dilemma.com


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  1. I share the tears of Happiness as I read the story. Keep the faith and I pray everyday to give you strenghth. God has chosen you for Joey and He knows . I am soooo proud of you Nicolette my Goddaughter! Geez I cant stop tearing!

  2. balls are magic
    that’s why they both got one I think joey realized it was not jacks ball because jack had one too…….on the way home he had that ball on his lap just like his ro

  3. I am so happy for you. When you are the parent of a special child, you learn to appreciate milestones differently than others. We used to have a list of what we called “Weird Milestones.” Things that made us so excited, but that other parents with more typical children just wouldn’t understand. Our list included the first time that we were offered a lick on a lollipop, when someone made eye contact and smiled, and when we completed a shopping trip to the grocery store during the busy time and there were no tantrums. Always keep gently guiding your little one and never give up.

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